A Guide to Roller Hire Rates: How Much Should You Be Paying?


What are typical hourly Roller hire rates in Australia?

Roller Type

Roller Size

Wet hire rates

Dry hire rates

Pad Foot Less than 2.5t $160 $95
Pad Foot 2.5t-5t $160 $95
Pad Foot 6t-10t $160 $95
Pad Foot 11t-20t $195 $130
Pad Foot More than 20t $215 $150
Smooth Drum Less than 2.5t $150 $85
Smooth Drum 2.5t-5t $150 $85
Smooth Drum 6t-10t $185 $120
Smooth Drum 11t-20t $215 $150
Smooth Drum More than 20t $285 $220
Multi Tyred Less than 2.5t $185 $120
Multi Tyred 2.5t-5t $185 $120
Multi Tyred 6t-10t $205 $140
Multi Tyred 10t-15t $215 $150
Multi Tyred 16t-20t $245 $180

Roller hire rates largely depend on the type of machine you’re looking to hire, whether or not you need an operator with your machine, and the functionality of the Roller. Bobcat and Skid Steer Loader suppliers in Brisbane and Australia alike will typically charge you anywhere between $160 to $245 an hour for wet Skid Steer Loader hire, and $95 to $180 for dry hire.


What are the average discount rates for Roller hire?

Roller suppliers in Brisbane and Australia alike may provide discounted rates for substantial hire periods. Although the rates are company-specific, here’s a good indicator of some discounts you could expect from extended Roller hire.

  • Roller hire for longer than a week: average discount rate of 5%
  • Roller hire for longer than a month: average discount rate of 10%
  • Roller hire for longer than 2 months: average discount rate of 20%
  • Roller hire for 3-6 months: average discount rate of 30-40%


What are typical Pad Foot Roller hire rates?

Pad Foot Roller suppliers in Perth and throughout Australia will typically charge between $160 and $215 per hour for their services with an operator, depending on the size of the machine. Dry hire rates for Pad Foot Rollers are significantly lower, going from around $95 an hour up to $150 an hour.

Suitable for compacting soil, Pad Foot Rollers typically weigh between 2.5t and 20t. Also known as sheep’s foot rollers, these machines can easily complete and scale surface preparation.


What are typical Smooth Drum Roller hire rates?

If you’re looking to hire a Smooth Drum Roller with an operator, you’ll be set back anywhere between $150 and $285 an hour on average. Dry hire rates for Smooth Drum Rollers are typically between $85 and $220 an hour.

Smooth Drum Roller suppliers in Adelaide provide machines that excel in gleaming finished products. These versatile vehicles can be hired in a number of configurations and sizes, using vibratory force to maximise compaction efficiency.

What are typical Multi Tyred Roller hire rates?

Multi Tyred Roller suppliers in Perth will typically charge between $120 and $180 to dry hire machines. To wet hire Multi Tyred Rollers, you’ll be looking at around $185 to $245, depending on the size of the machine you’re chasing.

Multi-tyred rollers can be enormous machines, with up to 11 wheels on some models. The heavy tyres are fantastic for compacting soil, with a weighted drum that can be used to increase the weight of the vehicle. The drum can be filled with water that allows for easy transportation between work sites.


What are Roller hire penalty rates?

Penalty rates may apply for the staff required in delivering, maintaining and operating a Roller while it is on your site. Standard penalty rates will apply when the machine is used on a public holiday, weekend, or after normal working hours

According to the Building and Construction General Onsite Award MA00020 of the Fairwork Act:

  • Roller hire Saturday (after 12pm) penalty rates: 1.5 x rate
  • Roller hire Sunday penalty rates: 2 x rate
  • Roller hire public holiday penalty rates: 2.5 x rate
  • Roller hire night time (after 6pm) penalty rates: 1.5 x rate
  • Roller broken shifts, less than 8 hours between shifts: 1.5 x rate


What are the minimum wet Roller hire terms?

Australian employment laws stipulate that you cannot hire a casual worker for less than a 3-hour shift/call out. Operators will, therefore, need to be paid for 2 hours of work + 1 hour of travel time.

How to get the best Roller hire rates.

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