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Our product review – Apricity’s invoice finance solution

Too often, chasing invoice payments can feel like a sinkhole for time and money, with nothing to see for the effort.

A strong workflow and successful business should mean the rewards are a given – but the challenge of having invoices settled on time each month can seem like a never-ending impasse – pushing even the most successful business’s books into the red.

At iSeekplant we hear this story from the small and medium sized businesses in our network which, by every conventional standard, are successful. Yet, in reality – the burden of unpaid invoices leaves these businesses cash strapped and struggling to stay afloat.

An intelligent financial partnership tailored for small to medium sized businesses

The big players in invoice finance and lending typically offer 80% invoice financing, along with a slew of extra charges and conditions that simply don’t make sense for the businesses making up the backbone of iSeekplant’s network – high performing small and medium plant hire businesses.

Apricity Finance, an innovative SME invoice financier, offers a solution for high performing yet cash strapped businesses burdened by unpaid invoices. Apricity pays up to 95% of businesses’ approved invoices upfront, keeping cash flow moving in the right direction and eliminating the burden of unpaid accounts.

Managing a small to medium business, particularly in plant hire and construction services, is a completely different game to the operation of a top tier corporation.

As a boutique amongst giants, Apricity Finance is the intelligent choice for small and medium businesses. A financial partner with a first-hand knowledge of what matters when making small and medium sized businesses function – backed by a team of real people with substantial industry experience.

Apricity Finance’s invoice finance is a simple, straightforward solution – free of the red tape, box ticking, and ongoing paperwork required by their larger competitors. They have prioritised the simplicity of their solution, understanding first-hand the value of a no fuss, complete offering to solution focused business owners.

We have seen them partner with businesses in our network to not only provide dependable and transparent invoice finance, but to function as a true financial partner, supporting the businesses they work with to play to their strengths and achieve long term growth.

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Take control of your cash flow and manage your growth

With the freedom to choose which invoices to finance, what proportion to finance (up to 95% of approved invoices), requiring the invoices themselves as the only security, with no lock in contracts – Apricity Finance is there when needed.    

As Apricity Finance’s clients see their cash flow issues dissolve, businesses typically find room to breathe and shift their sights from playing catch-up in the account books to a renewed focus on growth and continuity.

The constantly evolving opportunities for small business are a central focus of Apricity Finance’s CEO, Linden Toll. ‘Small businesses have been placed under immense pressure in recent times. Supply chains have been disrupted, lockdowns imposed, and consumer behaviour has changed, altering the way we live and work.

‘Businesses have survived through their own tenacity, resilience and inventiveness. Now though, we must look beyond surviving, we must plan for the year ahead and find ways not only to safeguard our business but to grow.’

‘With billions of dollars being ploughed into the economy from stimulus spending and large scale civil and infrastructure investment aimed at rebuilding the economy, businesses should look for opportunities to tender.’

Apricity Finance is an intelligent choice for iSeekplant’s network of high performing small and medium sized plant hire and construction service businesses. A high performing SME business itself amongst a field of large multinational competitors, Apricity Finance unlocks plant hire businesses’ potential by closing the gap between workflow and cash flow.

Turning growth into long term security

The Apricity Finance team lives their mission of closing the gap between customer invoicing and immediate access to funds – so Apricity Finance clients can consolidate their business growth into long term security.

‘Government and State support packages are not long-term propositions and the goal for any business is financial security – the key to which is good cash flow. Businesses should review and ensure that their finance partner complements their business needs.’ – Linden Toll, CEO.

Apricity Finance is committed to genuine financial partnership with every client – both supporting business growth with flexible invoice financing, and sharing financial expertise in the small and medium business environment of the construction industry.

Adopting this easy to use cash flow solution across your business is a no-fuss process.

Have any questions answered and turn over a new leaf in your accounts book by getting in touch with Apricity Finance’s team.

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