The seven best site safety management plans you don’t have to fill out


Though the job title can vary, there are a number of people in construction that need to fill out safety and management plans for their site. These management plans can be a tedious and drawn out process that takes away from other pressing work, and it only gets harder the bigger the job is. Planning for and managing every possible risk on site can quickly become overwhelming, and if something is missed can create a dangerous work environment and open your business to legal action.

Site safety management system and plan templates have been in circulation online for a few years now. Someone, at some point, realised that all the hard work they had done to create a SWMS or a WHS management plan is, for the most part, applicable to most situations. Since that point a number of companies have invested in this idea and the construction industry has been thanking them ever since. Being able to download industry compliant management plans that require minimal changes or further information means safety officers and project managers, as well as owner operators, are able to get on site faster and safer.

We’ve compiled a list of seven of the best management plan and system templates that provide industry and site specific versions and are regularly updated in line with the changing industry. Here they are:

1. SMWS Templates

Safe Work Method Statements are a vital part of a site’s safety protocols. The site’s safety officer will have compiled one for the site but every subcontractor that comes to site also needs to supply their own SWMS for their equipment, machinery and vehicles. If the SWMS is not comprehensive enough, the subcontractor will not be allowed on site. This can leave the subcontractor with a gap in work, affecting income, and the site without the machine or truck they needed, affecting the project’s timeline.

To avoid this issue a specific occupation or industry downloadable Safe Work Method Statement template from Occupational Safety Solutions ensures that even the strictest safety officers are satisfied. The SWMS templates are created and revised by qualified WHS industry professionals and are fully customisable to your or your site’s needs. The templates include pre-written generic step-by-step work processes, possible hazards and safety controls and assist you to meet your legal responsibilities for the risk management process, hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control.

2. WHS Management Systems

Work Health and Safety Management Systems are regularly used over the spectrum of the construction industry’s occupations. Whether you are a gardener, welder or builder you will need to have a WHS Management System to follow. A WHS Management System details a process that everyone has to follow to achieve the same results consistently. This then provides a safe work environment, free of dangerous techniques or rushed, poor-quality work.

Workplace accidents have been found to almost always be caused by a chain of events, not a single cause. This chain of events usually starts with behaviour and actions that do not reflect a WHS process or procedure. Downloadable WHS Management Systems, designed for specific occupations, enable workers to work safety and avoid dangerous workplace accidents. If a WHS Management System needed to be added to Occupational Safety Solutions has a range of checklists, forms, policies, procedures, registers and training documents available for download.

3. WHS Management Plan Templates

Where WHS Management systems are for overarching procedures and systems for a company, WHS Management Plans are site specific safety management plans. The WHS Management Plan outlines how the WHS management requirements will be managed on site by your specific business. The plan demonstrates your commitment to complying with the sites safety management, and the more thorough you are the better.

WHS Management Plan templates are essential for a business that regularly needs to supply them. Instead of spending hours creating a WHS Management Plan for each specific job and possibly missing an important compliance section, use a template that covers over 20 safety and compliance areas.


4. Project Management Plan Templates

A Project Management Plan is designed around a construction site as a whole and includes environmental and quality management requirements and procedures to manage them. A comprehensive Project Management Plan covers management responsibilities, training, communication management, incident management and project schedules. Occupational Safety Solution’s Project Management Plan template has been developed in compliance with Australian and International standards, comprehensively covering everything you need to ensure everything on the site is managed effectively.

5. Quality Management Plan Templates

A Quality Management Plan ensures your company is following the best quality management practises for the duration of the project. The quality of the work, supplies and machines used on a project greatly impact the end result and can have potentially deadly outcomes if the outcome is poor quality. To ensure your company has covered all the necessary quality management requirements this Quality Management Plan template not only includes the necessary requirements but also has 15 extra schedules and templates.

6. Asbestos Management Plan Templates

An Asbestos Management Plan is a fail safe way to manage a worksite that contains asbestos or asbestos containing materials. Asbestos is one of the construction industry’s biggest silent killers, and there has been major changes to regulations to ensure it doesn’t affect another generation of workers. Having a comprehensive Asbestos Management Plan template ensures that you are able to protect yourself and your workers whenever your site potentially contains asbestos.

7. Environmental Management Plan Templates

The impacts of construction on the environment can be quite detrimental, something that Environmental Management Plans aim to mitigate. Environmental Management Plans incorporate awareness, management, corrective action and complaints to ensure any present and future problems are successfully managed. An Environmental Management Plan template that includes 15 different sections of planning and management is sure to provide all the necessary information and requirements to mitigate any problems.

Stop spending precious time writing your own site safety management plans

The time you spend on creating or modifying your own site management plans, such as your SWMS or WHS Management System, is time that could be better spent either on site or at home. Occupational Safety Solutions provides industry leading templates for a range of industries, all compiled and revised by qualified WHS industry professionals to ensure you always have a compliant and safe job site or business, without the hours spent creating your own documents.

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