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In the construction industry, time is a precious resource – highly sought after and extremely rare. With so many things to do and only so many hours in the working day, endlessly filling out paperwork, logging timesheets, and arranging schedules can be damaging to a business’s bottom line. If your company is finding itself endlessly caught up in administrative red tape, Assignar can show you a better way to operate.

Assignar is a cloud-based construction management software that streamlines operations activities so users can focus on winning work and getting boots on the ground. The construction management software allows its users to assign crews and equipment to individual projects, manage compliance, and monitor their project’s progress from a single platform.

This construction management software was developed primarily for the civil and commercial sectors. Companies that specialise in areas like mining, excavation, demolition, cranes, and heavy civil operations will see the most benefit. Assignar has too many benefits to list here, but three features have been game-changing for companies all across Australia.

1. Assignar streamlines scheduling and resource allocation

Through its allocation module, Assignar has asset management software, workforce management software, and construction scheduling software capabilities. The module allows instant access to the status of every worker’s qualifications, certifications, compliance, and availability. It also shows the specifications and availability of every piece of plant or equipment.

Using Assignar’s allocation module, operations managers can assign the best crew and equipment to each task swiftly and efficiently. Assignar’s workforce management software avoids the risk of non-compliant or unavailable workers and incorrect equipment being assigned to a job.

With Assignar’s asset management software, operations managers can see all the available workers and assets during the project set-up phase. This removes the need to check a messy whiteboard or compile the information manually for labour and asset allocation.

Assignar also provides instant job confirmation. Using Assignar, workers receive jobs with all the relevant documents on their mobile devices. Site contacts, crew member lists, and mandatory forms are all linked to digital job cards. With this construction scheduling software, jobs can be confirmed in seconds, which considerably lowers the time spent chasing down workers and machines.

Stefanutti Construction in New South Wales is just one of the many companies that have benefited from Assignar’s rapid construction scheduling software. They now manage the schedules of over 100 staff and 65 machines using Assignar.

Before using Assignar, they struggled to get crew and equipment allocations out before 4:00pm and would be making changes for the next 2 hours afterwards. With Assignar, they now get all their allocations out by midday and no longer struggle with rescheduling. They have been able to put the time they save towards winning more work.

“Introducing Assignar has increased and improved our efficiency. Our team is able to invest more time in business development management and value adding tasks for Stefanutti,” says Nathan Thompson, an Allocator for Stefanutti Construction.

2. Never lose track of your fleet again

Assignar also provides fleet management software for companies that have a large number of units on the road across a wide service area every day. Assignar’s GPS tracking module has a wide range of benefits for plant operators, drivers, and fleet managers.

Plant operators get access to detailed maps with geofences to notify them of their operating area. Fleet managers receive detailed insights into vehicle and driver behaviour, allowing them to make business decisions based on this information. Drivers get notifications about new jobs based on their location while out in the field in real-time.

South Australia’s YES Group were early adopters of Assignar’s GPS tracking technology and have benefited significantly from this fleet management software. They regularly save on travel time during fieldwork by assigning their technicians and fleet jobs based on their location via the GPS tracking module.

“We receive a lot of one-day service calls and would schedule out available technicians to emergency call-outs. Sometimes this would mean 6-hour round trips for our technicians. Now with Assignar’s GPS tracking, we can see the closest technician to the job. We have easily saved 5 hours per service call, per technician per day,” says their Director, Mark Yates.

3. Get real-time field reports via Assignar’s Fieldworker app

Assignar’s construction management software makes handwritten notes, physical timesheets, and field reports a thing of the past. Offices receive real-time data from workers in the field via the integrated Fieldworker app. Instead of waiting for field reports and paperwork to come back at the end of the day before a decision can be made, users of Assignar can review the data they receive and assign workers to take corrective actions during the working day.

Field data collected through this construction management software can be visualised through a range of charts and graphs. Estimated project time and resource allocations can be directly charted against the actual time and expenses associated with a project. Metrics such as cost, productivity, and overtime can now be measured and presented in a format that is straightforward and quickly understood.

Traffic Force in Western Australia has made exceptional use of Assignar’s real-time reporting feature.

“Our pre-start forms, communications diary, and incident reports are now no longer paper-based. Before they would be filled out in paper books and crews would take photos or get them scanned and send them to the depot. Now, our crews don’t need to rush to a scanner or back to a depot for all the important documentation to be accessible to those in the depot. Crucial information can be shared in real-time” says Jye Walsh, their Customer Relations Manager.

“We have saved 12 hours a week in terms of operational admin by using Assignar,” Walsh added.

Assignar is ready to overhaul your operations today

With hundreds of construction companies across Australia using Assignar daily and reaping the rewards, it won’t be long before it becomes a key part of day-to-day operations in the industry. Make sure that your company is prepared for the future by requesting a demo of the platform here.

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