Vermeer’s compact yet powerful D20X22 S3 is the perfect drill for local contractors


The demand for horizontal directional drilling teams and units continues to surge across Australia. This is backed by an ever-increasing demand for the installation and upgrade of utilities in cities, residential neighbourhoods and industrial areas. In these built-up areas, closing whole streets down for weeks as excavators rip up the ground is just not a viable solution for the installation or maintenance of in-ground services anymore. Horizontal directional drilling, however, has streamlined this process, minimising the impact on businesses and homes as much as possible.

When it comes to horizontal directional drilling for utility installation, Vermeer has one of the most advanced fleets of horizontal directional drills globally. Their D20X22 S3 is built for the local contractor, the type of HDD specialist that is working on projects from your local fibre optic installation through to civil infrastructure construction.

Watch the D20X22 S3 product video here now:

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Three key differences between Vermeer’s D20X22 S3 and the rest

You only need one truck

Cut your transport costs and complications and avoid having to invest in a plant trailer with the D20X22 S3. The drill comes in at 1.2 metres wide and 5.2 metres long and weighs just over 4.9 tonnes. The narrow and light design means its water tank is also able to fit on the same truck, reducing the number of trucks needed to transport the drill.

Reduce your reinstatement costs

Reinstatement costs will never disappear completely, but you should be taking any and every chance you can to reduce them and ensure you end up with a higher profit at the end of the day. By its nature horizontal directional drilling has reduced costs when compared to traditional excavation methods.

Vermeer’s D20X22 S3 is small and light compared to other drills with similar power. This means where gutters, footpaths and gardens may be damaged by a heavier machine, the D20X22 S3 generally avoids these unnecessary damage costs.

Designed with the operator (you) in mind

Whether you're sitting on a drill for a few hours or an entire day, you know how important it is that the controls are easy and natural to use and the seat is comfy. There’s a reason why Vermeer is such a popular choice for HDD owners, it’s because their drills are designed for ease and comfort. Ergonomic controls that are common across different sized drills and comfortable seats help with operator efficiency and the ability to work for longer periods of time.

Tap into the versatility of the D20X22 S3 on residential and civil projects

Vermeer’s D20X22 S3 is powerful and small in size making it the perfect drill for both residential and commercial project work. As most utilities are installed beside roads, drills often need to be able to access footpaths and other tight-access areas. The D20X22’s slim and light design means getting into these areas is an easy task. Once there, the drill is able to complete the installation project quickly and quietly, with minimal disruption to the surrounding homes and businesses.

While a bigger drill may be the obvious pick for commercial and civil projects, the D20X22 S3 has specific benefits that see them regularly used for this kind of work. When civil projects have access restraints or small construction zones, they have to consider the size of every machine on-site and how they will affect each other’s productivity. Not only is the D20X22 S3 able to access the awkward spots that bigger drills can't, the drill is quick and powerful, ensuring it’s able to get in, get the job done, and get out.

Vermeer’s S3 badge is making its mark on operators

As with all the horizontal directional drills for utility installation in Vermeer’s fleet, the D20X22 S3 comes with the coveted S3 badge. The badge, standing for speed, simplicity and sound, highlights the three key features that set a Vermeer drill apart from its competitors.


The D20X22 S3 is fast. Damn fast, in fact. With a class-leading carriage and rotational speeds, operators of these units can install more linear metres per day, complete projects faster and maximise productivity.


Vermeer has innovated the drill unit while keeping its interface simple. They’ve listened to what operators need and executed it across their entire utility installation fleet, providing commonality through the operator’s interface. No matter what size Vermeer drill you’re working on, you’ll have the same dual joystick setup, same software interface and same hardware orientation to keep things simple.

(Low) Sound

The last ‘S’ in the badge is low sound - a rarity with drill equipment. Recording a maximum noise reading of 85.9 decibels at the operator’s ear, the D20X22 S3 is quiet enough for workers to converse over the engine without yelling, not to mention making minimal noise impact on-site. The quiet engines of these HDD’s are great for night work and residential projects because they drastically reduce the impact on the surrounding area.

Vermeer’s D20X22 S3 is built for local drilling contractors

The D20X22 S3 drill is the perfect drill for contractors looking to branch into the HDD industry. It’s small enough to fit on one truck, yet powerful enough to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re looking at purchasing your first drill or want to expand your fleet, Vermeer Australia has the right Vermeer horizontal directional drill for you.

Get in touch with Vermeer Australia’s expert team today so they can take you through all the features and benefits of their HDD fleet.

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