Road Sweeper Hire Rates: How much does road sweeper hire cost?


When looking at Street Sweeper hire prices, it is important to note that most prices will come exclusive of GST and be based on an hourly dry hire rate. While dry hire alternatives are available in the street sweeper space, this service is rare as usually street sweepers are hired with an operator. Freight and Delivery fees can also be incurred on top of standardised hourly rates.

Another factor which may affect the average street sweeper hire price is the actual construct of the machine and its sweeping methodology. Street Sweepers are typically made in three primary variants, each ranging in price.

What are typical machine mounted street sweeper hire rates?

Road Truck Street Sweeper Hire Rates

  • Road Truck Street Sweeper dry hire rate: $148 - $164 + GST Per Hour
  • Road Truck Street Sweeper wet hire rate: $181 - $204 + GST Per Hour
  • Machine Mounted Street Sweeper dry hire rate: $144 - $160 + GST Per Hour
  • Machine Mounted Street Sweeper wet hire rate: $171 - $196 + GST Per Hour
  • Street Sweeper Labour rate (Driver Cost for Wet Hire): $28 - $36 Inc GST Per Hour

The three most common street sweepers include:

  1. Mechanical Broom Street Sweeper
  2. Regenerative Air Street Sweeper
  3. Vacuum Street Sweeper

Regardless of which ‘type’ of Street Sweeper you’re looking to hire, road truck street sweepers and machine mounted street sweepers of this size are more commonly used throughout larger commercial jobs due to their leading productivity and enhanced functionality. In turn, these machines are likely to be hired out at an increased price compared to ‘Ride-On’ counterparts. While higher in price, road truck street sweepers provide a greater output, making them a worthwhile investment for larger-scale projects.

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What are typical ride-on street sweeper hire rates?

Ride-On Street Sweeper Hire Rates

  • Ride-On Street Sweeper (Small) dry hire rate: $55- $62 + GST Per Hour
  • Ride-On Street Sweeper (Medium) dry hire rate: $68 - $73 + GST Per Hour
  • Ride-On Street Sweeper (Large) dry hire rate: $78 - $84 + GST Per Hour

As a popular street sweeping alternative for residential and smaller-scale commercial projects, Ride-On Street Sweepers provide immense value for what they are capable of, acting as a great solution to waste management and debris removal.

Ride-On street sweepers will often be categorised by three sizes (Small, Medium, Large) and are almost exclusively available for dry hire. While certain license restrictions exist, Ride-On Sweepers do not require machine-specific training, making them a great solution across most smaller-scale street clearing applications.

When looking to hire a ride-on street sweeper, you should also be mindful of minimum hire terms and potential freight costs. Ride-On Street Sweepers will often be subject to “One Day” or “Eight Hour” minimums and can often incur delivery or freight charges upwards of $190 Each Way.

What are typical street sweeper attachment hire rates?

Street Sweeper Attachment Hire Rates

  • Skid Steer (Bobcat) Street Sweeper Attachment dry hire rate: $26-$45 + GST Per Hour
  • Posi-Track Street Sweeper Attachment dry hire rate: $22 - $31 + GST Per Hour
  • Forklift Street Sweeper Attachment dry hire rate: $28 - $42 + GST Per Hour

Street Sweeper Attachment hire is a great solution to dedicated road sweeping machines, given their versatility and reduced hire rate. Street Sweeping attachments are hired exclusively dry hire and can be a cost-effective way to access sweeping capabilities.

While street sweeper attachments do not provide the level of functionality, efficiency, or productivity that dedicated street sweeper trucks can, their application across construction, industrial, and municipal jobs should not be undermined.

Although street sweeper machines are more common, broom attachments are still ideal for cleaning parking lots, removing debris from sidewalks, and scraping mud from job sites - providing further functionality to existing bobcat, posi-track and forklift machines.

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What is a street sweeper?

A street sweeper is a piece of machinery that cleans roads, gutters and pathways of debris and rubbish. Additionally, sweepers play an important role in minimising water pollution by removing material that would have otherwise washed down stormwater drains. They come in a number of forms, such as standalone ride-ons, or attachments to other machines like skid steers or forklifts. They also differ in how they disperse material, with some sweepers utilising vacuums to recover and store material, while others use a mechanical broom or regenerative air technology.

Do street sweepers work?

Street sweepers actually work better than you think they do. While it looks like they're just moving dirt around and wetting the roads, the water they emit loosens up the dirt, then the hydraulic systems or brushes swivelling at around 4000 revolutions per minute (rpm) bring the dirt particles into a conveyor belt, conveying them into a storage container to be disposed of properly. While they were first introduced to clean... streets... they are so effective that they can work construction sites (these are called construction street sweepers) and even airport runways. Street sweepers can be customised to pick up just about any kind of debris from any surface. They are used for rubbish, chemicals and motor oil as well as dirt. Some can even go fast enough to clean on highways. Many street sweepers run on alternative fuels and can pick up particles less than 10 microns wide, which are usually dangerous as they are small enough to enter the lower regions of our lungs. 

What is the best street sweeper brand?

The best street sweeper brand is dependent on the type of job you have to undertake. For example, cleaning after a small event may only require a walk behind sweeper, whereas large sites might require a road truck sweeper. The top brands for consideration are as follows:

  • ASC (Australian Sweeper Company)
  • Dulevo
  • Hako
  • Rosmech
  • Sweepers Australia

How much does street sweeper hire cost?

While a number of factors will affect the street sweeper hire price (such as duration, type and transport distance) below is an indicative guide to the hire prices of street sweeper capabilities per hour:

  • Street sweeper attachments: $22 to $45 per hour (plus GST) for dry hire
  • Ride-on sweepers: $55 to $84 per hour (plus GST) for dry hire, depending on the required machine size
  • Road truck sweepers: $148 dry hire to $204 wet hire per hour (plus GST). Driver costs are typically between $28 - $36 per hour

How to get the best street sweeper hire rates

If you’re seeking to find the best street sweeper hire rates, there is a multitude of different factors that can affect how much you will end up paying. It is important to be mindful of things such as transport distance, hire terms, sweeper type, and other excess surcharges. Sound confusing? It can be… so let us help you!

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