Sydney Metro: West - Latest News and Updates

Sydney Metro- West

Priority Status: High Priority Initiative

State: NSW

City: Sydney CBD

Suburbs Affected: Parramatta to Sydney

Sydney Metro: West Project Plan

Sydney Metro: West Cost: Approx $10 billion

Project Type: Rail - Metro 

Rail Length of Job: 24 km

Sydney Metro: West Construction Details

This transformative initiative would connect the Sydney CBD with Parramatta - connecting two major communities that have not been serviced by rail previously. Benefitting from this project would also be the numerous communities located between Parramatta and Sydney City. The proposed metro service double the capacity of the Sydney - Parramatta route, when coupled with the T1 Western Line.

Approximately 40,000 people would be able to move in both directions per hour on the new service. The Sydney Metro West project would form part of the longer term Western Sydney transport and land-use planning process, which takes into consideration the future Western Sydney Airport. The NSW Government has been exploring the proposed corridor and stations for this route since 2016 and these working will form part of the Sydney Metro West business proposal.

Sydney Metro: West Jobs & Community Plan

Projected Jobs For Sydney Metro: West: Approx 10,000 direct jobs (70,000 indirect)

High employment levels and population growth along the Parramatta to Sydney CBD corridor equate to a high demand for transport services of both passenger and commercial/freight nature. By 2036, it is projected that in excess of 300,000 jobs will be created along the Parramatta - Sydney CBD route. Coupled with an estimated additional 420,000 more residents along the route over the next 20 years and the demand for transport services will increase significantly.

The key communities along this corridor which will be driving the growth are the Sydney CBD, The Bays area, Sydney Olympic Park and Parramatta. The century-old T1 Western Line currently moves approximately 40,000 people per morning peak hour and is running at 135% of its designated seated capacity. The 2015 Australian Infrastructure Audit estimates that demand for this service will increase by around half between 2011 and 2031, presenting clear argument for pursuing the project.

Sydney Metro: West Upgrade Timeline

Sydney Metro: West - Construction: 2020

Sydney Metro: West - Completion Date: 2036

Sydney Metro: West - Timeframe: 10+ years



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