The manhole form assembly guide you’ve been looking for


Manhole forms come in a range of sizes and shapes, but the assembly and removal of them is straightforward. These instructions are easy to follow and ensure the manhole comes out perfect every time.

Manhole form assembly isn’t designed to be complicated, but there are a number of things you need to do to do it right. When assembling it’s vital to start on a flat, even ground. Inner drums have keys with angled edges so they need to go to their numbered order. It’s a smart idea to only secure one bolt per panel until they are all lined up, to save you going back through and undoing all of them. This is the same if you are stacking manholes, always assemble them separately but wait until they are lined up to completely secure them.

You are able to transport manhole forms either assembled, partially assembled or in single panels, but ensure they are secured the correct way for how you are transporting them.

Once the manhole form is completely assembled and you are satisfied it is secured, you’re ready to pour. If needed, secure a safety scaffold around the structure so you have access to the top of the manhole form. Don’t forget to apply release oil generously before you pour, this will save you time and effort when it comes time to remove the forms! Never drill into, cut holes or alter forms in any way, they are designed to create structurally sound manholes and if the structure of the form is affected, so will the manhole.

Before the concrete cures in the forms remove the excess concrete, or it will become an unnecessary challenge when it sets. Once the concrete has set, remove the manhole form by first removing the inner drum key. From here you will be able to release the bolts from one panel at a time then lift the panels out. If you have applied enough release oil they should pull away without much force.

Manhole Form Hire provide comprehensive instructions for the assembly, transportation and removal of manhole forms whenever you hire a manhole form through them. The Queensland based company has been doing manhole form hire for years. They’re not only experts in manholes, but have the biggest range on the east coast, servicing Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Below you’ll find our animated videos, showing you how to assemble, transport and remove our manhole forms along with their specific directions.



How to Assemble Manhole Forms

  1. It is important to find flat even ground to assemble your manhole form.
  2. Each panel weighs up to 80kg so ensure safety by utilising lifting equipment .
    Reminder – Inner drums have keys with angled edges so place in the numbered position
    secure one bolt in each panel until all panels are connected, then insert all other bolts, then hand tighten.
  3. If stacking, assemble second form separately with all bolts hand tightened, then lift into position.
    Reminder - Do not tighten the bolts until form/s are in position and connected to other forms (if stacking) as previous pours may alter the shape slightly from one time to the next. By keeping bolts hand tighten until the end, panels can be manipulated into matching positions.
  4. Assemble safety scaffold around the form.
    Reminder – Apply form release oil generously before each pour.
    Reminder – Ensure you are satisfied forms are secured into position.
    Warning – Do not drill into, cut holes or alter in any way.

Transporting Manhole Forms Around Site

  1. Forms can be transported either assembled or in single panels.
  2. If assembled, attach chain to every second lifting point.
  3. Chains should be at a length that generates a 60 degree angle.
    Warning – Do not move forms in halves unless all bolts are secured.



Removing Manhole Forms After Pour

  1. Remove the inner drum key first.
  2. Release bolts from one panel at a time, ensuring it is secured by a chain at its lifting point.
  3. Attach chain to the lifting points on the panels and pull away from the concrete.
  4. Repeat for the outer drum.
    Reminder – Remove excess concrete from forms before it cures.

To find out more about how to use a manhole form or to hire a manhole form visit Manhole Form Hire, servicing Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

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