Top construction and mining news sources in Australia

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Digital news now reigns supreme over print news - Image via Australian Government

Keeping up with industry news isn't just a great way to find out what's happening, it can also give you a serious commercial advantage.

Finding out who's doing what and the new innovations which are hitting the market can help you discover fresh ideas, equipment and opportunities which could benefit your company or your customers.

To help you find out the construction news as it happens, we have picked out five of the best industry news sources out there.

Whether you want to find out more about who is building what, are interested in larger projects or want details of the next trade show, let us share where to get the most up-to-date construction news in Australia.

Top construction and mining news:

Roads Online

If roads or infrastructures are your business, there's plenty of valuable information at roadsonline. This site is dedicated to who is doing what in the world of infrastructure. News includes which companies have been awarded major contracts, a calendar of events and in-depth articles on new technology, the environment, project reports, traffic management and similar topics. There is a specific section devoted to asphalt innovation and developing technology; vital information for companies who want to lead the way in the provision of advanced, environmentally friendly solutions. A must for industry professionals, the site is regularly updated to ensure news is fresh, relevant and accurate.

Australian Mining

If your interests lie in mining news for Australia, this site is essential viewing. Packed with information that's relevant to mineral extractors, oil and gas suppliers, and other subterranean extraction activities, the site incorporates everything from technical articles, new product showcases and case studies through to news regarding top industry figures, recent events or international news which has Oz relevance, this is a site aimed at professionals who want informative, relevant information at their fingertips. Because the site focuses on mining developments, the topics are quite specialist, so may have only limited appeal for construction companies or those which focus on surface builds.

The Flapping Mouth

Providing information on a variety of construction topics, with a particular emphasis on plant improvements, options and reviews, this site is an excellent first port of call for fresh industry news covering a range of sectors. In addition to current events, there are also sections devoted to major projects, as well as a handy customer resources section which features anything from technology to specialist information. Coverage extends beyond Australia, to include international news which has relevance to the Australian market.

Inside Construction

A wide ranging and diverse source of construction industry news, insideconstruction looks at everything from changes in legislation through to environmental issues, project progress, innovative advances, and who's got what when it comes to tendering success for larger projects. One of the most intriguing aspects of this site is the research and analysis section. This is devoted to in-depth coverage of topical issues and provides a wealth of valuable data that is written at the right level for industry professionals. Attention is also paid to demolition and recycling; with the green agenda always at the forefront of the construction industry, this site offers plenty of insight into ecologically sound methods of working.

Build Australia

Well-known as a source of news and information about upcoming construction projects in Australia, this site runs alongside the popular industry journal which has the same name. Readers benefit from categories which include: grand designs; mega structures; events; products and services; and news. Its organised approach means it is easy to find the information you are looking for. Of particular relevance for industry professionals who need to know which companies have been awarded prestigious projects and what new projects are in the pipeline, this is a well-recognised and respected journal which attracts a diverse readership.

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All these sites offer a good selection of high-quality information which ensures industry insiders have a good grasp of recent developments. All the sites tend to have a concise, high-impact style, making it easy to get the relevant facts from the material you find on them. Ideal as a technical resource as well as a useful location for discovering what the competition is up to and what fresh opportunities may present themselves. All of these sites are a must read if you want to be up-to-date with what's happening in the sector at the current time. Whether you need information for a forthcoming newsletter, want to use some of the data available to register an interest in a project, obtain data to inform a future plant purchase or simply see what is out there, these sites are always a valuable resource.


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