Tipper Truck, Semi Tipper, & Truck & Dog Hire Rates Guide

Tipper Truck Hire Rates

What should you be paying for tipper truck hire?

What are Small Tipper Truck Hire Rates (Less than 10 tonne Capacity)?

  • Tipper Truck (3 - 6 tonne capacity) dry hire rate: $230 - $385 per day (rarely hired by the hour)
  • Tipper Truck (3 - 6 tonne capacity) wet hire rate: $90 - $110 per hour +GST (Min 3 hours)
  • Tipper Truck (8 - 10 tonne capacity) dry hire rate: $420 - $720 per day (rarely hired by the hour)
  • Tipper Truck (8 - 10 tonne capacity) wet hire rate: $105 - $120 per hour +GST (Min 3 hours)

Nearly all tipper trucks are hired to you by localised plant hire suppliers on a wet hire basis - companies that specialise in materials handling and cartage prefer to operate them with their own operators, and love to keep them moving all day, traversing the city going job to job. You can hire small tippers on dry hire from the likes of Coates, Kennards etc - because under a certain size you can drive it with just a general car license. Any bigger than about 5 tonne, and you need a heavy rigid licence to operate.

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What are typical Bogie Drive Tipper Truck hire rates (Higher than 10 tonne capacity)?

  • Bogie Drive Tipper Truck (Over 10 Tonne) - Large Capacity - Dry Hire Rate: (not offered)
  • Bogie Drive Tipper Truck (Over 10 Tonne) - Large Capacity - Wet Hire Rate: $120 - $140 Per Hour + GST

A bogie drive tipper truck has three axles in it, which allows it to carry a larger capacity load than other tippers, and is usually found in tonnage capacities higher than 10 tonne.

It's very uncommon that you can dry hire a 10 tonne bogie drive or larger and operate it yourself, this is largely because most people don't have the heavy rigid license required to drive it, but also because most plant hire guys prefer to operate their own trucks with drivers they trust. Move-over, for most materials cartage requirements, civil and commercial construction managers just prefer to hire the whole package, which typically includes;

  • A licensed driver
  • Someone with experience managing materials
  • Any tip or disposal fees

By including all of these in a single package it means you don't need to worry about the coordination of the spoil & materials removal.

That said - most enterprising plant hire companies with strike a deal with a project manager for a dry hire truck if it's worth their while - and that usually means a decent contract tenure or long-term hire. If you have a unique requirement, pop it into a quote request in the form to the right, and we can negotiate with the suppliers directly.

What are typical Truck & Dog and Quad Dog Hire Rates?

  • Truck & Dog (15 - 30 tonne capacity) Wet Hire Rates: $160 - $175+GST per hour
  • Large sized Truck & Dog or Truck & Quad (over 30 tonne) Wet Hire Rates: $180 - $200+GST per hour

Truck and dog's can carry usually 10 tonne in the truck, and 10 tonne in the dog, or 10 tonne in the truck and 15 tonne in the dog - but once you get to that 15 tonne capacity, the truck usually needs another axel to bear the weight of the load - that’s when you need a quad dog or super dog to do the trick.. Truck and dogs are extremely mobile and can fit and tip in really tight spaces because of their ability to reverse and jack-knife. Quad dog can carry with a bigger capacity, but aren’t as mobile as a regular truck and dog. A general rule of thumb is - the bigger the capacity, the more space they need to move around in.

What are typical Semi Tipper hire rates?

  • Semi Tipper (1 Trailer) Wet Hire Rate: $135 - $155+GST Per Hour
  • Semi Tipper (2 Trailers) Wet Hire Rate: $180 - $210+GST Per Hour

There are two types of semi tippers - semi tippers that tip from the back, and semi side tippers - which we talk more about below, so in this section we’re talking about regular end tippers in semi-trailer format. Semi tippers have a large carrying capacity - usually 15 tonne or above, per trailer, and you can carry multiple trailers - up to two as a semi and up to three as a road train (obviously - depends on your haul route whether or not you can use a road train configuration). Truck and dogs are more common in civil & commercial earthmoving because they are easier to move around - you see semi tippers more in oil, agriculture, grain and other types of transport where mobility isn’t such an issue.

What are typical Side Tipper hire rates?

  • Side tipper wet hire rates: $140 - $150 per hour
  • Side tipper dry hire rates: $165+ per day

Typically, semi side tippers carry 15 tonne per trailer. They are super handy trucks for particular applications - but they are difficult to manoeuvre and can’t turn on a tight radius. When you are delivering gravel or soil, the material tips it out in a nice winrow then the truck drives forward. Laying the material out in a winrow over a long distance means that it can easily be pushed out and leveled by a grader.

What are typical Low Loader of Machine Float Hire Rates?

  • Regular Low Loader or Machine Float (with driver): $165+GST per hour
  • Large or Oversize Low Loader of Machine Float (with driver): $215+GST per hour

A low loader truck is really a prime mover with a low loader trailer (and it’s low to the ground so easy for the machine to climb onto it). It is principally used in the transport of large machinery to and from a site. There are heaps of different configurations of low loaders, with a carrying capacity of 5 tonnes to 50 tonnes. There are also widening variants (for dozers and scrapers), extendable variants (for machines like graders that are long and skinny), there are ‘tilt-and-slides’, goosenecks and drop decks. Literally so many different kinds of low-loaders available, and the low loader required is so specific to the machine, its weight, size and shape. Most plant hire companies have their favourite suppliers, so they organise the float of their machines (at your expense) using specialist trucks that are specifically suitable to their gear. They also tend to standardise their float costs so its a standard float price within a certain distance from their depot and you pay a flat fee.

Read our full hire rates guide on low loaders here.

What are typical Belly Dumper Hire Rates?

Belly dumpers are an unusual beast - they come in such an expansive range of sizes and capacities - that it’s near impossible to get average hire rates for them. A lot of belly dumpers are actually manufactured by specialist owners here in Australia and are, therefore, there are no standard sizes or specs. Belly dumpers are a truck that delivers fine grain materials and it dumps underneath them. Belly dumpers are used a lot in transporting lime, gypsum and cement treated base to a site and dumping underneath their body in a recessed area or hole in the ground. If they are operated correctly, belly dumpers are great for laying out an even layer of a material in a straight line underneath them. They don’t have to tip, so they are good for working in areas with height restrictions like under bridges, in the rail corridor or beneath low power lines.

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Tipper Hire Rates: Per Tonne vs Per Hour? What is the best hiring methodology for my job?

There are two types of long-term tipper hire contract, in terms of how rates are calculated: tipper hire per hour or tipper hire per tonne. There is no standardised rule, and the scenario will dictate the nature of the contract between the project manager and the supplier - but usually three factors will determine which is most appropriate - if the haulage distance or duration is likely to fluctuate wildly (due to traffic or other issues); if the haul route is predictable (if its a simple pick up, dump and repeat), if the trucks are being loaded in a consistent way (if there is minimum down time at point of pick up or drop off).

Often times - a long term haulage or material handling contract will be let on a per tonne cartage fee - based on consistent calculations of the above: how many trips, how long are the trips, how heavy is the load, how often can the trucks be loaded. This is really common on bulk earthworks projects, or in quarrying. But the quote is contingent on the reality being consistent with the assumptions in the quote - and you can be very sure that the plant hire company will likely be beating down your door to renegotiate the contract if any of the assumptions about time, distance and particularly - loading speed - are wrong. If you are holding the truckie up with slow or disorganised loading, then you can be sure that he’ll ask to switch to an hourly rate.

If you have ordered gravel or other aggregate from a quarry, then you can pay by the hour and by the tonne - depending on the complexities of the above issues. Usually - its by the tonne, and it's the quarries responsibility to deliver the material to your site and sometimes they bundle the deliver expense in the per-tonne rate, or other times they charge a general hire fee by the hour of transport to the site (not from, usually).

What are typical standard contract terms for tipper hire?

Below are some standard contract terms that you can find in the fine print when you hire any of the tippers described above on wet hire rates (and dry hire rates, as well)

  • Minimum 7 Hours: Many small or localised materials handling businesses might insist on a minimum of a day rate to send a tipper out to site. It usually depends on the distance of the cartage, the complexity of the job, any loading issues at the end (or quarry), or just how badly they want the work.
  • Stand Down: If you hire a tipper and driver, and you don't require them anymore, you will still be required to pay anyway!
  • Weather: It is the person who is hiring's responsibility to cancel for wet weather in advance and depending on the operator may still be up for the full rate regardless. If the truck is already at the site and the job is cancelled, then you could be up for as much as the minimum day rate (which is typically anything over 4 hours).
  • Tip Fees: Removing and disposing of any material, that is non-toxic, will incur standard tip fees plus a markup of 15-20% (plus travel time to the tip). If you have materials that have to be disposed of in a special way, then you'll be up for much more.
  • Penalty Rates: If your job is outside of normal working hours, which is basically any time outside of 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, you can incur costs of between 1.5 - 2.5 times the drivers usual rate as a penalty. This is because the plant hire company has to pay in accordance with the award that governs the construction industry. This is usually charged as a 20-30% increase in the overall hourly hire rate.
  • Waste Removal: These vary greatly depending on whether you are moving hazardous materials (like asbestos, chemicals, etc.) or organic materials (like sewage or agricultural waste). You will require a specialist provider in this space, who can dispose of these unique materials in accordance with our legislation.

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How can I get the best Tipper truck hire rates?

iSeekplant specialises in getting quotes for people looking for construction gear. So if you are in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide or indeed anywhere else in Australia, we are here to help you fulfil your tipper truck hire needs. Be sure to use the iSeekplant get a quote tool and we will get you the best quote for your job, completely free of charge! 


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