Tunneling has begun on the $12.9 billion Sydney Metro Stage 2

Sydney Harbour Tunnel Illustration

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Tunnelling work has begun under the Sydney Harbour, within Stage 2 of Australia’s biggest public transport project.

The Sydney Metro project will see 31 kilometres of tunnels built between Marrickville and Chatswood.

The tunnel is being dug out by the first of five Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) commissioned for the Stage 2, $12.9b City & Southwest component of the over $21b Sydney Metro project.

“Today marks the start of the huge task of digging twin tunnels under the city, delivering Sydney’s new world-class metro railway and building a stronger, better future for the people of NSW,” Premier Berejiklian said.

“Sydney Metro is an incredible project and it is only possible because of the strong economic management of the NSW Liberals & Nationals.”

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“Sydney Metro is at the centre of the NSW Government’s transformation of public transport which will give people more choice in how they get around Sydney.”

John Holland, CPB Contractors and Ghella are contracted to build the twin 15.5km railway tunnels from Chatswood to Sydenham, including the 1km stretch under Sydney Harbour, with the contract awarded in June last year.

The TBMs are around 150 metres long and have been optimised to cut through Sydney’s hard sandstone, where together, they are expected to excavate around 5.9 million tonnes of rock.

“These machines are underground factories, mechanical worms designed to dig and line the tunnels as they go so that Sydney Metro can be delivered as quickly as possible,” Mr Constance said.

“Nancy [the TBM] is specially designed to cut through our city’s unique sandstone and shale and will tunnel an average of 120 metres a week.”

By 2024, Sydney will boast 31 metro stations and 66 kilometres worth of metro rail, where 13 stations in the city’s north-west are due to open by late 2019.



 Source: NSW Government


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