VAC Group: Your One-Stop Solution for Vacuum Excavation and Utility Location.


VAC Group can provide clients with utility locating, vacuum excavation, survey & CAD services.

VAC Group provides customers with solutions that allow them to efficiently complete their projects while protecting underground assets. The company supplies Vacuum excavation, underground asset location, utility mapping and CAD services conforming to AS5488, so contractors can avoid the risk of damaging these assets- particularly in established areas.


Vac Group An example of some of VAC Group's EARTHSPY technology in application.


An Industry Leader Delivering Operational Solutions for Difficult Projects

While technology has come a long way, we unfortunately still don’t yet have accurate data that can tell us exactly where all underground infrastructure and assets are, especially in areas with large populations. This is due to a combination of incorrect placement when the infrastructure was initially constructed, insufficient mapping, lost plans or ambiguous data.

This can make underground work tedious, time-consuming and dangerous, with contractors facing the risk of damaging underground assets and therefore being responsible for the repair or replacement of the infrastructure.

VAC Group solves this problem with its innovative solutions, using the latest technology to quickly pinpoint exactly where these underground utilities are preventing both injuries and incidents onsite and the interruption of vital services for the community.

Vac Group An example of some of VAC Group's EARTHSPY technology in application.


A Certified and Experienced Company with a Difference

Originally formed in 2000 as a non-destructive Vacuum excavation company VAC Group seen the need to continue to find ways to provide solutions and innovations to our clients.

This seen the introduction of EARTH SPY and the revolution of utility locating and mapping in Australia. Companies were previously forced to rely on any available plans and maps and hope they didn’t damage anything important while working underground.

VAC Group is one of the only asset protection company in Australia that is certified to the ISO standards for its management systems. The company operates EARTHSPY locating units, which uses EMI , 2D and 3D scanning for utility locations and mapping


Vac Group An example of some of Vac Group's EARTHSPY technology in application.


State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology

VAC Group uses technology which had previously been used for meteorological applications and space exploration, adapting it to suit requirements for underground surveying and mapping.

The company now has the very latest equipment and services available, including the largest fleet of vacuum excavation trucks in Australia, computer aided radar tomography, 2-dimensional ground penetrating radar, EMI utility location services and more.

Contact VAC Group

If you need non-destructive vacuum excavation or utility locations and mapping, get in touch with VAC Group today or call the team on (07) 5515 0246 to learn how this technology can make it much easier for you to locate assets underground for your next project. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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