Vac Truck Rentals offers the Most Modern Equipment for Hire

Vac Truck Rentals offers an extensive range of modern, affordable, safe, and reliable hydro and vacuum excavation equipment around Australia.

If you’re looking at hiring Vacuum Excavation equipment, Vac Truck Rentals has an extensive range of equipment that can meet the demands of even the most complex requests. Vac Truck Rentals is an industry leader in dry-hire solutions for all your hydro excavation, sewer jetting and industrial vacuum needs. No matter where you are, Vac Truck Rentals can service your project with their bases set up in all Australian capital cities.

Vacuum Excavators are handy machines, especially for potholing or when working with confined spaces. Vac Truck Rentals' equipment can be used for potholing, digging drains, and removing earth around already laid pipes or cables. This business was set up to provide construction, civil, electrical, infrastructure, mining, oil and gas industries with a smart and affordable hydro/vacuum dry hire solution. The company has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the industry and all operational standards.

Vac Truck Rentals boasts a comprehensive range of modern, safe, and an extremely well-maintained fleet of equipment offered on a range of short and long-term flexible dry hire options at good rates. If you demand quality, reliability, and affordability - Vac Truck Rentals have you covered.

Customers can also take advantage of the familiarisation training that Vac Truck Rentals provide with all new dry hires. Each machine is fitted with a smart device that offers additional training.


Customers can also make the most of the company’s useful and exclusive rent-to-buy opportunity. This is a smart and cost-effective way to start or add a Vac Truck to your fleet without substantial up-front costs.

Renting to buy means hiring the machine for a period with the option to own the machine at the end. With Vac Truck Rentals' rent-to-buy option it allows you to spread your expenditure over a specified time, instead of one expensive lump sum. It makes both financial and industrial sense.

A Commitment to Safety

Vac Truck Rentals has a strong commitment to safety and compliance, and has the highest safety standards in the industry, along with systems that ensure the company is exceeding statutory compliance.

The team at Vac Truck Rentals always strive to improve their products and services, focusing on continually evolving their strategies and systems and aiming for 100% customer satisfaction.

Vac Trucks Rentals’ Equipment

For customers needing hydro excavation, industrial vacuum and sewer jetting equipment, Vac Truck Rentals is your go-to company for the most modern range of both trucks and trailers.

Here is just some of the equipment available:

Vac Truck Rentals 1000L Unit for hire. 1000L Unit for hire.

  • 1000L Unit - This is trailer mounted with a 400L fresh water tank, 600 CFM and 1000L JetVac Ring-O-Matic Hydro Excavation Unit


Vac Truck Rentlas 3000L unit for hire 3000L Unit for hire.

  • 3000L Unit - This Isuzu FSR 850 features a 3000L JetVac Ring-O-Matic Hydro Excavation Unit, 2000L fresh water tanks, and 1000 CFM


Vac Truck Rentlas 4000L unit for hire 4000L unit for hire

  • 4000L Unit - This automatic Isuzu FSR850 has a 4000L JetVac Ring-O-Matic Hydro Excavation Unit, 2000L fresh water tanks, and 1000 CFM

Va cTruck Rentals - 4000L Unit Mini 4000L Unit Mini to hire.

  • 4000L Mini Combo - This Isuzu FVR 1000 is an automatic and include a 4000L JetVac Ring-O-Matic Hydro Excavation Unit, 2000L fresh water tanks, 120 CFM 150m 3/4“ jetter hose and 4” Hydraulic boom

Vac Truck Rentals 6000L unit for hire 6000L unit for hire

  • 6000L Unit - This truck comes with a 4” fully hydraulic boom, a 6000L JetVac Ring-O-Matic Hydro Excavation Unit, 2000L fresh water tanks, and 1000 CFM

Vac Truck Rentals Crane Vac for hire. Crane Vac for hire.

  • Crane Vac -This brand new automatic Isuzu FXZ 1500 has a 4000L JetVac Ring-O-Matic Hydro Excavation Unit, 9.9T metre Hiab VLC, 2000L fresh water tanks, and 1000 CFM. It was specifically designed to revolutionise street light and power pole replacement and installation.

Contact Vac Truck Rentals Today

Vac Truck Rentals’ equipment is available Australia-wide, so if you’re looking for modern and safe equipment, with competitive rates and excellent customer service, get in touch with Vac Truck Rentals today. Their team is determined to exceed your expectations, check out their iSeekplant profile here. You can also follow Vac Truck Rentals on Facebook.

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