Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Construction Projects Drives Vermeer Unit Sales


The Carmichael Coal Mine’s location is 160 km north-west of Clermont in the Galilee Basin, Queensland, and began construction in 2019. It’s one of Australia's biggest mining and construction projects, occupying around 45,000 hectares and measuring 50 km long. The mine is estimated to contribute between $2-3 billion to the Queensland economy each year, after what will be about a $2 billion construction phase.

Along with the mine itself, construction is also underway for a 189 km railway line, off-site infrastructure projects such as workers’ accommodation and airports, water supply infrastructure, heavy industrial areas, coal handling and processing plants, and mine infrastructure areas. To date, 17 bridges have been constructed, 460 culverts have been installed, and three temporary accommodation villages have been developed.

Vermeer Australia has been closely studying the major projects within the packages of contracts. They’ve got access to a support network of several branches and more than 100 field technicians in rural areas of Queensland where construction is underway.

Recently, iSeekplant’s General Manager Drew McPherson spoke with Ken Smith, the National Major Accounts Manager at Vermeer Australia, about the opportunities the Carmichael Mine has provided local contractors and the various types of equipment and services Vermeer Australia can assist with.

Watch the interview here now:

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Vermeer’s trenchers are ideal for infrastructure construction on the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail projects.

Vermeer Australia offers a variety of trenchers for the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail projects, including track trenchers, ride-on trenchers and trencher attachments. You’re starting from scratch with most construction on the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail projects, and trenchers are used to dig trenches for services including power, communications, and water supply.

For smaller projects with small run trenching, Vermeer Australia offers a range of trencher attachments for mini skid steers loaders. The vast range of attachments available means you can work on projects ranging from landscaping and fencing to irrigation and concreting.

For projects on bigger and harder ground where you need greater stability, increased tractive effort and reduced surface damage, Vermeer’s RTX550, RTX750, and RTX1250 ride-on trenchers are ideal.

If your project on the Carmichael Mine deals with drainage or major water infrastructure, Vermeer Australia can assist with a purpose-built fleet of track trenchers. Pipeline networks across the country are built on Vermeer track trencher technology, and these machines can be used for large-scale civil infrastructure projects and installing pipelines on the Carmichael Mine.

The experts at Vermeer Australia are happy to discuss the machines mentioned above and talk to you about other equipment solutions that are available for the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail projects.

If you’re looking to upgrade your fleet and want the best equipment and support to perform the highest quality work on the Carmichael Mine project, we’ve got you covered. Here at iSeekplant, we already see many people searching for machinery that can assist on these types of projects, including ride-on trenchers, surface miners, and terrain levelers. Vermeer can cater to these types of equipment.

Vermeer’s surface miners are changing the game on many national construction projects.

In the past, traditional excavation methods such as drill and blast were commonly used for projects such as haul road application. In a game-changing move on other National construction projects, Vermeer’s surface miners have been replacing drill and blast – which often cause environmental problems, ground vibration, dust, and noise pollution.

Vermeer’s surface miners are quicker, quieter, cleaner, resulting in reducing the environmental impact compared to the drill and blast methodology. Surface miners can be used on many Carmichael Mine projects, ranging from mines, building sites, airport runways, and road tunnels.

The experts at Vermeer Australia are available to support you and help you win work on the Carmichael Mine project.

The purpose of the Carmichael Mine.

The Carmichael Mine will be one of 125 coal mines in the country upon completion. Each year, a whopping 10 million tonnes of coal will be churned out, similar to that produced by existing mines in the Bowen Basin and the Hunter Valley.

It’s expected to generate billions of dollars for the government in its first 30 years of operation, not to mention the thousands of jobs already created.

The key features of the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail projects are listed below:

  • Six open-cut pits
  • Five mine infrastructure areas
  • A coal processing and handling plan
  • A heavy industrial area
  • Water-supply infrastructure
  • 189 km rail line connecting the Carmichael Mine to the North Queensland Export Terminal
  • Off-site infrastructure (accommodation facilities and airport)

The Vermeer Australia team is here to answer your questions.

Have a question about Vermeer’s machinery and how they could help you win work on the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail projects? Get in touch with the team today.

The experts at Vermeer Australia offer exceptional support and are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to answer your questions.

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