Vict Govt awards $1b contract to CIMIC’s CPB contractors with RIA

Metro Tunnel Project Signage

Image via CPB Contractors

The Victorian Government has awarded a Metro Tunnel Project package of works worth $1 billion to the Rail Infrastructure Alliance, which consists of John Holland, CIMIC’s CPB contractors, Rail Projects Victoria, and Metro Trains Melbourne.

The Rail Infrastructure Alliance contract will be the second awarded to CPB Contractors on the Metro Tunnel, with the previous contract focusing on design and construct elements.

The new contract focuses on the construction of the western and eastern tunnel entrances that will connect to the new stations at North Melbourne, Parkville, State Library, Town Hall and Anzac.

The project will also see the construction of a turn-back and new platform at West Footscray Station, along with track upgrades around Hawksburn Station.

According to CIMIC statements, the RIA has already started preparatory works, including geo-technical, service and site investigations, at Kensington, South Yarra and West Footscray.

The above-mentioned preparatory works were undertaken in the lead up to the new contract.

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The works package will see roughly 1000 jobs on offer with around 100 apprentices and engineering cadets.

“Investment in major transport infrastructure in Victoria is providing CIMIC Group and CPB Contractors with a strong pipeline of project opportunities,” said Michael Wright, CIMIC Group CEO.

“Through our in-house engineering business, EIC Activities, we are supporting our Alliance partners and client with expert insights into all geo-technical and civil engineering challenges and providing solutions that will ensure a cost-effective construction program.”

Construction is due to begin later this year with a completion by 2025.

“Bringing local knowledge and international experience, we are committed to ensuring all client and community expectations are realised, including local employment and business opportunities and socially inclusive procurement strategies,” said Mr Santamaria, MD at CPB.

 Source: CIMIC



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