WA to receive $868 million from Federal Infrastructure Stimulus package

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Scott Morrison. Image Source: WA Liberal Party

WA has emerged as the major winner in the clamour for cash from the Federal Government's $3.8 billion Infrastructure Stimulus Package.

With $868 million of the $3.8 billion in accelerated federal infrastructure funding going to Western Australia, here’s how it will be distributed.

Earlier this week, the Morrison government announced $3.8 billion will be available for Australian infrastructure projects sooner than planned after calls from the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Labor opposition to stimulate slow economic growth.

At the Business Council of Australia’s annual dinner on Wednesday night, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced fast-tracked funding for infrastructure and construction projects in Western Australia. Western Australia will receive an $868 million infrastructure investment by the federal government. The funding will bring money forward to complete current and planned projects, as well as allocating new federal funds for other projects to commence that were previously unfunded.

The projects having funding brought forward are:

  • Bunbury Outer Ring Road
  • Tonkin Highway Gap
  • Karratha to Tom Price Corridor
  • Albany Ring Road
  • Newman to Katherine Corridor
  • Port Augusta to Perth Corridor
  • Alice Springs to Halls Creek Corridor
  • Fremantle Traffic Bridge

The projects receiving new funding are:

  • Lakelands Station
  • Mitchell Freeway
  • Intersection Upgrade at Wanneroo and Morley Drive
  • Great Northern Highway
  • Great Eastern Highway
  • Reid Highway

Western Australian projects to benefit from accelerated federal funding

There are eight Western Australian road infrastructure projects that already have federal funding dedicated to them. These projects are having a percentage of that funding, different for each, brought forward in the revised national infrastructure plan. Below we go through each of the projects and the funding that is being brought forward for them.

Bunbury Outer Ring Road

The Bunbury Outer Ring Road is the biggest transport infrastructure project ever planned for the South-West of Western Australia. The project includes constructing a 27km high-quality link between Forrest Highway and Brussell Highway and will greatly benefit both the local communities and traffic passing through the area.

  • The $852m project will see $284m in funding brought forward for the project to commence in early 2021.

Tonkin Highway Gap

The Tonkin Highway is part of Perth’s Principal Road Freight Network, connecting major freight hubs. The project will upgrade a section of the highway that is low-quality and connects two other new road projects. Reduction in congestion and improvement in travel time and freight efficiency are the main takeaways from the project.

  • The $290m project will see $160m in funding brought forward to fast-track the projects start date in 2020.

Karratha to Tom Price Corridor

The project updates a key economic freight route through the north of the state. The route will not only better support local communities but create a safe and efficient route for freight going to and from the major mining region of the Pilbara.

  • The $310m project will see $157m in funding brought forward to ensure the project is completed in mid-2023.

Albany Ring Road

The Albany Ring Road is a proposed heavy haulage route around the City of Albany that will allow large freight trucks to bypass local traffic to and from the Port of Albany. This project aims to improve freight productivity and access to freight gateways. It is expected to start in 2020 and finish in late 2022.

  • The $175m project will see $83m in funding brought forward in order for the project to start in late 2020.

Newman to Katherine Corridor

The Newman to Katherine Corridor upgrade will improve the key economic freight route that supports major industries. The project will deliver upgrades towards targeted sections of the Great Northern Highway as well as surrounding roads to provide a more reliable and safer road network, especially during the wet season.

  • The $87.5m project will receive $41m in accelerated funding to help the planning process.

Port Augusta to Perth Corridor

The Port Augusta to Perth Corridor links Perth to Adelaide, and is a huge stretch of road spanning 2,388km long. The project will include upgrades to widen, strengthen and realign various sections along the corridor to improve the flow of vehicles and increase access for higher efficiency heavy vehicles.

  • The $62.5m project will receive $41m in fast-tracked funding to benefit the planning process.

Alice Springs to Halls Creek Corridor

The Alice Springs to Halls Creek Corridor is to improve the ability to travel from Alice Springs to Halls Creek and other regional areas. The current road between the two, Tanami Road, is quite dangerous and this project is expected to make it safer for travellers.

  • The $93.8m project will see $36m in fast-tracked funding to accelerate the planning process.

Fremantle Traffic Bridge

The funding for this project is to replace the Fremantle Traffic Bridge as it is rapidly deteriorating. Government agencies are also at work on a business case to replace the near by rail bridge as it presents a major bottleneck problem as commuters and freight trains share the space. The government of WA has secured a 50-50 contribution from the federal government for the $230 million project.

  • The $230m project will have $16m in funding brought forward to ensure it commences in 2021.

New infrastructure projects in Western Australia to commence following new federal funding

With the list of road infrastructure projects needing to be started in Western Australia exceedingly long, the federal government has dedicated new funds to get prospective projects off the ground and into planning and construction phases. Below we go through the new projects and how the funding will be split over the state and federal governments.

Lakelands Station

Lakelands station is the biggest new project to be announced, with the likelihood of creating up to 200 jobs. Lakelands station will be a new addition on the Mandurah line, just north of the rapidly expanding coastal city of Mandurah. The cost is expected to be a total of $80 million, with $64 million in federal funding, and $16 million in state funding. The station is to begin construction in 2021 and finished by 2023, with 2300 travellers expected a day.

Mitchell Freeway

New funding will be available to cover the widening of the Mitchell Freeway southbound between Hodges Drive and Hepburn Avenue, with the addition of a third lane. Funding between the federal government and state government will be split equally, $38 million each. The project is expected to be completed by 2021 and will create up to 500 jobs.

Upgraded Intersection at Wanneroo and Morley Drive

An upgrade of the intersection at Wanneroo and Morley Drive has now been funded by the government and is expected to cost $15 million ($7.5 million federal, $7.5 million state). This project aims to improve the third worst intersection in the metro area, for both congestion and frequency of crashes. The aim is to improve safety and traffic flow, especially during peak times.

Great Northern Highway

The Great Northern Highway intersection at Apple Street will be upgraded following the announcement of new funding by the federal government. The total cost is expected to $14 million, with $7 million being provided by the federal government and $7 million provided by the state/City of Swan/private sector. The intersection upgrade will improve travel times and improve safety for all road users, as well as Increase transport infrastructure capacity.

Great Eastern Highway

The Great Eastern Highway will be receiving two intersection upgrades at Wooroloo and Sawyers Valley that connect with Old Northam Road. The project will cost $14.375 million, with $11.5 million from the federal government and $2.875 million from the state. Both intersections are currently major blindspots for commuters turning onto the highway, this project is expected to increase road safety for all road users.

Reid Highway

The Reid Highway, at Erindale Road is in project development for grade separation. The project currently has seed funding of $2.5 million, $2 million federal, and $500,000 state. The funding provided will allow for the planning of the grade separation.

With the funding announcements for Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland already released it will only be a matter of days before news is released for News South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Stay tuned in to The Flapping Mouth as we bring you the biggest wins from this announcement as it happens over the coming days.

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