West Australian Govt approves $158m major development project next to Perth Arena

Perth City Link

Image via Government of Western Australia

After months of discussions, the Western Australian Government has finally approved a $158m addition to the Perth City Link project surrounding improved public transport, community engagement, new dining precincts and towered residences around Perth Arena.

Planning Minister Rita Saffioti has touted a myriad of benefits for both the state, its residents as well as interstate or international visitors, focusing on livability, investment appeal, tourism and job creation.

"The Perth City Link project will create hundreds of jobs for Western Australians... we will see retail, hospitality and hotel operations continue to boost the State's economy”, Rita Saffioti said.

The major WA project covers transport infrastructure alongside significant cultural, residential, and dining developments in association with the prominent $1.4 billion Perth Hub development project, which is also headed by Far East Consortium.


Far East Consortium has had a prominent relationship with WA Government projects, notably erecting the Ritz Carlton Hotel at the Government’s last major city project, Elizabeth Quay.

Perth MLA’s John Carey has also praised how the project will augment culture, events, and transit while significantly boosting Perth’s appeal for investment/business as well as inter-state and foreign tourism.

"We are aiming to foster an environment of fun and vibrancy in the Perth CBD and more investment in hotels, retail and hospitality venues is a great sign that we are on the right track”, Mr Carey said.

Earlier in the month, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pledged $1.2 billion to another well-known WA project, the Perth Freight Link, despite the state government already stating their intention to abandon the project last year.

The Prime Minister’s comments have swung the controversial Perth Freight Link project back into the mainstream, despite poor public support from the Western Australian Government.

While the Perth Freight Link project appears to have a long way to go before coming to fruition, the projects around Perth Arena (Perth Hub / Perth Link) are progressing smoothly, with project developments expected to be completed in their entirety around 2025.

These projects fall in line with the State’s ongoing focus to upgrade cultural and transport infrastructure in an effort to augment Perth’s livability, while bolstering its tourism and business appeal.

These projects follow a decade of major developments like the Perth Airport upgrade, Perth Arena, Elizabeth Quay waterfront cultural precinct, and the state-of-the-art Perth Stadium, along with numerous train line extensions including a dedicated station to service Perth Stadium.

 Source: Government of Western Australia

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