Wagner Family Wins Defamation Case Against Slander Jones

Alan Jones gets a nappy change

Alan Jones gets a nappy change to the tune of $3.7 million

Customers of iSeekplant and general local good blokes, the Wagner family of Toowoomba’s construction powerhouse the Wagner Group, have gotten Alan Jones to shut his giant flapping pie hole to the tune of $3.7 million, winning their defamation case against him.

Denis, John, Neill and Joe Wagner (who often land their helicopter in the park outside our office because they literally give zero F’s, making them my local business heroes) pursued the little, fleshy turtle Jones after he tried to link the Brisbane floods to the Wagner family, blaming them for deaths in the tragedy on his radio show multiple times.

Nothing excites me more than a big loud-mouth idiot getting his comeuppance, especially one who is a media mouthpiece that makes a living off ‘shocks’ to garner ratings and sell advertising. It’s about time that an example was set by regular folk taking one of these tools down in a spectacular, and expensive, public trial. And who better to deliver this type of justice than the Wagner brothers.


Jones also alleged that Wagner’s built the Toowoomba Airport illegally and stole airspace from the Federal Government. Doubling down, he accused the Wagners and the Queensland Government of corruption in the establishment of the Wellcamp Airport.

Each of the brothers was awarded about $938K, which makes me wonder whether I could handle a bit of reputation damage if I could land a cool million for it. I could do a lot with that money (including hiding in a vineyard in France while the dust settled, for example).

Jones actually grew up in Toowoomba, so based on that fact, I have decided that Jones was likely bullied as a boy and has a high school vendetta that he is eking out in his public life, from his dubious turret. But just like high school, the Wagners have done the financial equivalent of an atomic wedgie and head flush. And I literally can’t think of a better person than Alan Jones to do that to.

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