What are Australians building according to Google

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What are Australians building according to Google

When we think of summer in Australia a couple of things cross our minds, cricket, bbq’s, beach and DIY projects! Luckily for us and in particular in the more sunnier states, sun is out nearly all year so a lot of these activities can be done all year round!

Thanks to the resources available on the internet we are seeing a massive rise of Australian’s starting to work on their own projects around the home every year. We have scoured the internet of what Australians are searching when it comes to online guides and step by step videos on DIY home improvement projects.

What are Australian handyman and women building around their homes?

The most common we have seen according to the search volumes and Google Australia trends include:

Luckily for you we have written a how to guide on the above projects so that you can beat your jealous neighbourhood and have the best looking yard in the suburbs. If you are feeling adventurous and have the budget to do it a number of these projects can be completed in 1 summer! This will also boost the value of your property so it's a win-win for all except your jealous neighbours.

How to Build a retaining wall

  1. Know the lay of the land - contact Dial Before You Dig
  2. Draft your wall design
  3. Finalise plans and mark out area
  4. Excavate area and trench
  5. Lay and compact road base
  6. Lay steel bar grid/mesh and set up wooden forms
  7. Pour footing - lay cement and sand mix
  8. Screed and level the cement/sand mix
  9. Lay first row of bricks
  10. Fill first layer of bricks with blue metal aggregate
  11. Optional - Install drainage pipe
  12. Lay remaining layers of bricks
  13. Remove lugs from top layer
  14. Install caps
  15. Allow everything to dry


Retaining walls are rigid walls that are often used to retain soil to a slope that it would not naturally be kept to. It can be costly project to execute, however our simple 15 steps guide will make it an ease. Check out our full guide on building a retaining wall here

Now that we have finalised the retaining wall and you have all that extra space in your backyard, let's move onto building a shed.

How to build a shed

  1. Know the lay of the land
  2. Draft your up your plans
  3. Finalise plans and mark out area
  4. Excavate the slab hole
  5. Install wooden forms around excavated slab hole
  6. Pour base course and compact it
  7. Add in layer of sand
  8. Lay a sheet of polythene
  9. Lay reinforcing mesh
  10. Pour and cure concrete (one of the hardest and most tedious steps)
  11. Organise shed frame
  12. Install and secure shed frame (fasten/fix to slab)
  13. Install shelving, furniture, and decor


There are many benefits to building a shed besides adding value to your home, this includes storing of your equipment, building the ultimate man cave, or simply just building a hangout place with your girlfriends. Just remember if you are going to get power access to your shed we recommend using a licensed electrician. Check out our full guide to building a shed here.

Once we have built our retaining wall and/or shed next we move onto a tad bigger job which is building a pool.

How to build a pool

  1. Ensure you have the money
  2. Know the lay of the land
  3. Finalise plans and hire labour
  4. Dig out the pool hole
  5. Remove excess soil
  6. Shape and lay steel bars
  7. Conduct plumbing work
  8. Spray concrete layer
  9. Spray plaster coat layer
  10. Lay tiling (if required)
  11. Fill pool
  12. Turn on the pool system - check for leaks and malfunctions
  13. Install pool fencing and a gate
  14. Enjoy a swim!


If you are like us and we work hard then you would appreciate that there is nothing more rewarding then coming home or spending a weekend in the pool. Having a pool adds a lot of benefits to your property including increasing your property value, increase social status, or simply improving your weekend mood. So before you invite all your mates over and increase your social status, best have a look at your driveway incase it needs repairing, or simply putting one in.

How to build a driveway

  1. Check for underground utilities
  2. Survey your land and know your boundaries
  3. Mark your project area and stake out boundaries
  4. Excavate topsoil and level out project area
  5. Lay wooden forms around the project area, anchored with stakes
  6. Add in sand to firm up the soil, and gravel to ensure base thickness
  7. Compact gravel and soil
  8. Lay steel reinforcing mesh or bars
  9. Pour concrete
  10. Smooth out and level the concrete
  11. Set and cure concrete (don’t rush it!)
  12. Park your car!


If you live in a house without a driveway or the current driveway is not ideal, don't fear out guide makes it easy for you to build a new driveway! By building a new driveway it increases the value of your home as well as it provides you with a cheaper secure parking alternative then building a garage or carport. Check out our full guide to building a driveway here.

So next time you get out of your car, jump in the pool and check out your retaining wall and shed just remember your jealous neighbours wished they beat you to it and read our step by step guide first! The later you leave live it they better chance they have of beating you to the punch and completing all their DIY Projects. If you are that neighbour that feels slightly left behind, don't worry there are others behind you. So don't be that neighbour that gets left behind in the trend! 

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