What is a Concrete Pump?


Concrete pumping in Australia is an invaluable service when undertaking any construction project. In many situations, conventional methods of transporting concrete are not practical or possible, so when it’s crucial to manage time, labour, and concreting costs - concrete pumping services can help you alleviate issues by streamlining the process. Concrete Pumping in essence is the process of transporting liquid concrete across site locations. What makes concrete pumping services so valuable however, is the speed and efficiency in which the material is moved around and dispatched.

Concrete pumps work by drawing and discharging liquid concrete through separate cylinders via the concrete hopper and a piston-driven mechanism. As the system operates, one cylinder can be seen discharging concrete, while the other draws fresh concrete from the hopper.

What are the different types of Concrete Pumps?

Whilst each machine tends to serve a similar purpose, there are a multitude of concrete pumping services and machines available including:

What are Line Pumps?

Line pumps are a popularised concreting machine with hydraulic pumps capable of pumping liquid concrete through a multitude of steel pipelines and hoses. The machine operates by pumping concrete through these pipes to deliver the material to a specified location. Line pumps are potentially the most common machine used for concreting, next to boom pumps.

What are Boom Pumps?

Boom Pumps utilise a similar mechanism to line pumps which use hydraulic systems to transport material to an intended location. Unlike line pumps, however, boom pumps are equipped with a hydraulic arm giving it the ability to manoeuvre pipelines to reach problematic locations. Boom Pumps are highly recommended for concreting projects with limited space or a variety of obstacles.

What is Shotcreting?

Shotcreting refers to a method of concreting which utilises a high velocity to project material onto a surface – consolidating and bonding the concrete. Shotcreting is often dispersed through a high-pressured hose and nozzle which assists in forming core structural components of a building or project. The nature of application provides many benefits over some classical concreting methods and is ideal for projects with complex or unconventional objects or shapes.

Reasons for Concrete Pumping

In general, there is a broad spectrum of reasons for concrete pumping services to be utilised across both commercial and residential projects. Industrial concreting machines are primarily utilised to efficiently pump concrete to otherwise inaccessible or impractical site locations, such as skyrises or larger landscapes. The use of concrete pumping services also aids to eliminate weather risks, health risks or quality concerns. In the residential space, the use of Boom pumps or line pumps simply act to significantly streamline the process and drastically improve efficiency, productivity, and often times – quality.

Residential and Commercial Concrete Pumping

Whilst concrete pumping is typically favoured for commercial applications, residential concrete pumping services can also be highly beneficial for projects of certain scales and budgets. Within the commercial sector, concrete pumps are highly sought after given their extensive list of benefits. Large concrete pumping machines and services, such as boom pumps, line pumps, shotcreting and skid pumps, are typically seen across most construction and infrastructure sites given their unmatched ability to place concrete in inaccessible or impractical areas. Without concrete pumping services in Australia, a vast majority of projects would become seemingly impossible or highly impractical. The residential sector on the other hand is often neglected in terms of concrete pumping services. Quality and efficiency are often the trade-offs made in attempt to save money or reduce funds allotted to the placement of driveways, sidewalks or slabs. Most residential concreting contractors instead opt for mixer trucks. Those who elect to hire a concreting contractor, however, can expect a streamlined process with fast, easy, and accurate concrete placement and transportation.

Advantages of Concrete Pumping

Since the introduction of concrete pumping, projects have become significantly more productive and cost-effective, delivering a multitude of benefits to all stakeholders. Concrete Pumping in Australia is now considered the most efficient form of concrete transportation and dispersion, and rightfully so. If considering concrete pumping in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin, or elsewhere – here are just some of the benefits:

Concrete Pumping to reduce costs

Given the shear efficiency and practicality of concrete pumping services, labour costs and safety concerns can be greatly reduced – minimising associated costs for those involved. Concrete pumps not only eliminate an excess in labour with accurate dispersion, but also reduce hours wasted with a ‘speedy’ concrete transportation process.

Concrete pumping to increase speed, accuracy, and efficiency

Concrete pumping is simply one of the most efficient and accurate concrete placement services. Full stop. The rate at which specific elements of a job are completed can hold major implications for the entire project, meaning a reduction in excessive manual labour and intervention can make all the difference. Concreting pumps make wheelbarrows, cranes, and buckets obsolete – reaching problematic areas quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Concrete pumping to increase concrete strength

It’s quite evident that the quality of concrete is equally, if not more important than the speed in which it’s placed. Concrete pumping services often require less water in comparison to other popular concrete pumping techniques which can act as a preventative measure - stopping concrete from shrinking or cracking.

What are average concrete pump hire prices?

Concrete pump hire prices may vary greatly depending on location, size, and difficulty of the project. A good rule of thumb is to always inquire or get rates given the varying scope of each project. Concrete pumping services consist of a multitude of elements, all impacting hire prices in some form. Excluding many factors – we’ve seen concrete pump hire rates similar to:

  • Boom Pump (21-30m) - $180 / hour
  • Boom Pump (31-40m) - $190 / hour
  • Boom Pump (41-50m) - $210 / hour
  • Boom Pump (51m +) - $250 / hour
  • Line Pumps (Varying sizes) - $175 / hour

If you’re unsure which concrete pumping machine or service is right for your project, don’t stress. Our talented team here at iSeekplant are here to listen to your land clearing requirements to help find reliable equipment and services that offer excellent value and peace of mind.

Our directory offers a variety of highly accredited and industry-leading concrete pump hire throughout major cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin, along with hundreds of regional centres throughout Australia. Call us today on 1300 691 912 or email projects@iseekplant.com.au. Looking to hire a concrete pump for your next project? Use the iSeekplant Get a Quote Tool to find concrete pumps in your project location.

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