What is a Franna Crane?


Franna Cranna Hire

A franna crane or commonly referred to as “non-slewing mobile crane” or “pick and carry crane” is a mobile hydraulic crane that can be driven on the road. Designed in Australia in 1980 and manufactured in Brisbane the franna crane quickly became popular in the civil construction industry and can be used across both smaller projects and larger projects. These machines movability, high speed, versatility and ability to fit into tight spaces makes them ideal for any civil construction project across Australia. The franna cranes are designed to travel large radius with their load. Thus making it ideal to use a franna crane to lift and move loads back and forwards.

What are the most common sizes of Franna Cranes?

Franna crane are the most popular cranes and come in a large range of different sizes. Across iSeekplant, the most common sizes of franna crane models include:

  • Less than 10 tonne
  • 11 tonne to 20 tonne
  • 21 tonne to 25 tonne

What are typical franna crane hire rates?

A franna crane is generally considered on the lower scale of prices compared to other crane hire. Prices for a franna crane  can start from $170/ per hour for 12 tonne and can go up to $225/ per hour for 25 tonne. Usually the franna crane hire could include a minimum amount of hours depot to depot and the transportation from site to site. To view the full price guide for franna hire across Australia click here. Concerned there may be a license you need to operate one and another added expense? Our licence guide runs through what is required from you in an operational capacity in a variety of circumstances. 

Where to hire a Franna Crane?

At iSeekplant, we have Australia’s largest database of franna crane operators. Our franna crane suppliers are across all the major cities and regional areas such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Canberra. Get in touch with us and get competitive rates in minutes with our get a quote tool or contact us on 1300 691 912. 


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