What is a Knuckle Boom Elevated Work Platform?

what is a knuckle boom elevated work platform

The knuckle boom elevated work platform is one of the five types of aerial work platforms which is designed to be extremely versatile and flexible for worksites.

What is a Knuckle boom elevated work platform?

Many industries require Aerial lifts as a standard piece of equipment. The knuckle boom elevated work platform is a type of articulated boom lift. It is called a knuckle boom because of its joint boom arm that enables the boom to bend. All of the other types of aerial work platforms are not designed with the jointed boom arm. The knuckle boom airlift has a bend towards the middle of the boom arm.


The machine has many features that make the knuckle boom elevated work platform very flexible and versatile. Once in the air, this crane can be extended as well as bend without any difficulty. This machine has a work platform rather than a bucket, providing workers more space to perform their job tasks. The best thing about knuckle boom lift is that it comes with a turntable at the base that allows the boom to swivel. With this feature, the operator can shift the platform to different areas of a worksite. Because of this unique feature, thus airlift is used in many different types of jobs.

What types of jobs are a knuckle boom elevated work platform elevated platform used for?


Knuckle boom elevated work platform is ideal for jobs where the work area is difficult to access. For example, a partly hidden ductwork or other structures high up on a building. With the ability to reach over and around obstacles, this machine can be positioned right in front of the hard to reach the work area. Knuckle boom elevated work platform trucks can often be found on job sites like construction projects, maintenance and cleaning work, and electric wiring or piping work.

A small knuckle boom elevated work platform provides a safer alternative to ladders and scaffolding. They allow the workers to easily navigate through doorways and in tight spaces. Electric knuckle boom elevated work platform is silent and doesn’t emit harmful fumes. They work well in public places like airports, shopping centres, and other sites where loud noise can be a problem.

Do you need knuckle boom lift training?


All types of aerial lifts require some basic training and certification for safe handling. Every operator should be trained about how to handle the lift’s capabilities, how to inspect the equipment before each shift, and how to recognise and avoid hazards. Therefore, to ensure worksites are safe and equipment is used correctly, training is given, and certain guidelines are recommended to be followed before someone can operate an excavator on a job.

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