What is a Street Sweeper?

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The waste from construction work contributes to 40 per cent of Australia’s total waste, creating a risk to the environment. You may ask then, what machine can be used to help reduce this waste? - A street sweeper! Now…

What is a Street Sweeper?

Invented by Charles B. Brooks in the 1840s, a street sweeper, in response to dirty and unhealthy streets around the world. A street sweeper is not only an important machine for our streets but for roadwork operations and construction sites. There are many types of street sweepers but they all serve the same function of having heavy brush bristles, which are designed to pick up debris and dirt into a tank for later disposal but to also minimise the amount of dust blown into the air.

What is a Street Sweeper used for?

Some of the most common uses of street sweepers include:

  • Constructions sites
  • Road and gully
  • Municipal areas
  • Highways and freeways
  • Car parks
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Arcades

Types of Street Sweepers

There are different types of street sweepers, which are designed for construction sites, urban settings or roads. There is a mechanical sweeper where the debris is swept onto a conveyor system and breaks down larger particles into smaller ones, which then transports the material to a collecting hopper. Then there is a regenerative air street sweeper where, the air is blown onto the pavement by the machine, raising fine sediments and particles, which are then vacuumed up.

Another is the vacuum street sweeper, which combines the vacuuming power of the regenerative air sweeper with the mechanical model’s sweeping power. As well, some street sweepers have sprayers and water tanks, which reduce dust and loosen particles.

street sweeper hire

Why hire a Street Sweeper?

In road construction jobs contractors need street sweepers that can handle a variety of heavy materials, including construction, mud debris, concrete and asphalt millings. It is also important to assist in meeting the environmental legislative requirements of solid waste from civil and construction and demolition sites. So street sweepers need to have the ability to dump this debris into a dump truck so that the road construction site doesn’t need to be cleared.

When you’re going to hire a street sweeper make sure you know the added requirements they need before you hire. To start, you will need to know your required transport speed. Is there a large distance between the overnight parking location for the sweeper and your site? Also, how are you planning for debris to be transported to your disposal site? Will the sweeper be off-loading into a dump truck, which can then transport the material away? Answering these questions will help to find out which street sweeper fits the sweeping requirements for your next project.

If you are thinking you will need a street sweeper or your unsure which sweeper is the best for your job a quick chat with a plant hire company or the iSeekplant.com.au team on 1300 691 912 can help you.

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