What is a Tipper Truck?


Completing any given construction project in a cost and time efficient manner can be tricky at times, so it’s important to work out which machine is right for your project. Tipper trucks, also referred to as ‘dump trucks’ or ‘truck lorries’, have a range of functions that provide great solutions for many of your site needs. To encompass the full scope of what a tipper truck hire can provide you, a few key points come into play. The main things to consider about dump truck hire include what tipper trucks can do, what kinds of tipper trucks there are, and where you can hire dump trucks.

What can tipper trucks do?

Tipper truck hire can benefit your next project in a range of ways. First and foremost, they specialise in the transportation of various loose bulk materials around worksites and beyond. Some of the different materials dump truck hire can assist you with moving include:

  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Grain
  • Dirt
  • Construction aggregate
  • Asphalt
  • Snow
  • Wood Chips
  • Triple Mix
  • Turf

As a means to save on both expenses and time, it is crucial to hire a dump truck with an experienced operator. The iSeekplant directory offers a large volume of diverse dump trucks available for hire - from track mounted dump truck hire, to hi rail dump truck hire, front tip dump truck hire, site dumper hire, and even underground dump truck hire, you can contact one our many dump truck hire suppliers directly, and at no cost.

If your next mining or construction project requires the transportation of loose materials, odds are you’re going to need dump truck hire.

tipper truck

What kinds of tipper trucks for hire are there?

There are a number of tipper trucks for hire available in the construction and mining plant hire marketplace. Some of these include:

Although there are many tipper trucks for hire, the two most popular dump trucks for hire include rigid rear dump truck hire and articulated dump truck hire.

Rigid rear dump truck hire

These machines are typically found only in mining and quarrying applications due to their gigantic size. Perfect for off-road mining and heavy dirt hauling projects, rigid rear dump truck hire is great for sites where you may need to dig out roads and require a truck to haul the massive amounts of dirt to another location.

With superior hauling capabilities, even the largest payloads are able to be accommodated by rigid rear tipper truck hire. However, rigid rear dump trucks have limited flexibility, and require significant training and skill to operate given their enormous capacities.

Articulated dump truck hire

Hugely available in the civil and mining industries, articulated dump truck hire provides a large, heavy-duty dump truck that is used in off-road conditions to transport bulk loads through rough terrain. Also known as a ‘Moxy truck’, articulated dump trucks have an all-wheel drive and when steering the machine, the operator will pivot the front cab section in relation to the dump box rear by using hydraulic rams. This enables its wheels to continue the same course and make Moxy truck hire ideal for off-road transportation needs.

Where can I hire tipper trucks?

The best selection of tipper truck hire is available through iSeekplant. All of our dump truck hire options come with a fully licensed operator that will easily be able to assist you with your next project, big or small. So whether your needs require a tipper truck in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide or maybe somewhere in between, we will have you sorted. For all of your Moxy truck hire needs, contact us today and speak to one of our friendly operators about an obligation-free quote.

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