What is a Tractor?

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Considered the ultimate transformer with more attachments than you could think of a tractor is a high-powered utility vehicle designed to tow attachments in construction and agriculture industries. The tractor was invented in 1892 by John Froelich, who designed it to replace horses and oxen, which would pull ploughs and carts. They were initially developed to help with farm work, tractors and are now seen as a multi-functional vehicle for the construction industry as well.

Types of tractors

There are two types of tractors, tracked tractors and wheeled tractors. Tracked tractors are popular for earthmoving, and are similar to bulldozers as they have immense pushing power. Generally, tractor hire suppliers supply tractors to pull or power various attachments. They can either be powered by a diesel or gasoline engine, and are available in four-wheel, or two-wheel-drive models.

Four-wheel drive tractors are versatile and have more dynamic movement under different soil conditions. With the power of all four wheels creating better traction they can be used for loader applications, haulage, slashing, tillage, livestock operations and mowing. Two-wheel drive tractors manoeuvre by a powered and propelled single axle and are ideal for dry farming conditions and used for fertiliser spreading, pasture topping and seeding.

The most powerful tractors are powered by a diesel engine and are used to pull heavy loads. The gearbox in the tractor converts the high-speed revolutions that the diesel engine produces into lower speed revolutions for the wheels, which increases the amount of force that the tractor can use to pull things. This tremendous force comes at the expense of speed, which is why tractors are typically slow-moving vehicles.

Tractors have pull attachments using a sturdy rod, called a drawbar which can pivot the machine and can pull the load around corners. Most tractors have a built in hydraulically powered lifting system (known as a hydraulic hitch), and a flick of a switch which allows the hitch to raise and lower implements from the ground.

Modern tractors have power-assisted braking and steering so that the heavy loads can be safely controlled. They also have reinforced cabs with anti-roll bars, and most now also have air conditioning and heated cabs while a few even have GPS navigation.

tractor hire

Types of tractor attachments

There is a wide range of attachments that can be used with tractors that make them extremely versatile. However, it is important to consider the width, weight, horsepower rating and other details that may impact which attachment you can attach.

The selection of attachments offered with tractors range from categories within buckets and rakes, posthole diggers and trenchers, forks, pallet forks and add-ons, grapples, hay handling and concrete equipment. Within these main attachments is a vast range of implements that all provide a vast variety of purposes depending on the task.

The additional range of attachments available make it possible for all kinds of projects and tasks. On top of the many general attachments there are industry specific attachments, which are also available.

Why hire a tractor?

Tractors are often used in the construction industry to move and load materials like wood chips, sand, rock, recycled material, raw minerals, logs, gravel, dirt, debris, and asphalt into another machine such as a conveyor belt, dump truck or hopper.

On construction sites, they can also be used to transport materials like digging tools, metal bars, pipes and bricks over short distances.

Many tractors have front loader capabilities and can be fitted with buckets, spikes, grabs, forks, and more. They’re a versatile piece of equipment, and with a range of attachments, different sizes and styles of tractors to choose from, you’ll be able to find the best tractor for your next project with ease.

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