What is a Water Cart?


Water carts and water trucks are specialised water carrying vehicles used across a range of construction and mining activities. These water cartage vehicles are often used in mining, and usually for dust control. There are often a series of spray nozzles on these water trucks, which spray water, hydrating mines.

There are two types of water carts that you’ll generally see, these include dump truck mounted and road truck mounted water carts. While road truck mounted water carts can travel on the road as a road registered vehicle, they typically have a smaller capacity compared to the larger dump truck mounted carts, and can usually only carry between 16,000 and 20,000 litres.

What are water trucks used for?

The core function of a water truck is to contain large volumes of water, which is used for cartage services through the use of mounted apparatuses and add-ons. Services include dust suppression, water haulage, pool fills, tank fills, landscape watering, compaction watering, and water delivery. There are a variety of spray options, including cab operated batter sprays, gravity dumps, water cannons, and a variety of hose reels and sprays on the side or front.

A water cart, also known as a water truck, is one of the most common transit methods for water used in construction and mining. In layman terms, water carts are machines used to efficiently store and transport water from one location to another. Furthermore, it acts as a storage unit for water used in water-related construction activities like dust control, irrigation, and add-ons like gravity dumps, water cannons, hose reels and sprays on the side or front. Smaller water carts usually 2,000-18,000 litre are used for smaller jobs in landscaping or residential work with larger 20,000-40,000 litre water carts used for civil construction and mining work. These larger water carts often also feature dribble bars and can come with trailer attachments if truck mounted.

How does a water cart work?

A water cart works by providing water cartage services, water storage or water spraying for dust suppression and landscaping purposes. Water carts generally feature a water tank that is mounted to the body of a vehicle; these can be dump truck mounted or truck mounted. Generally depending on the water cart size, water trucks are equipped with automatic hose reels, water cannons, cab operated batter sprays and front road sprayers.

The water cart works by being a water storage unit that can hold water for dust control, cleaning and wetting purposes on construction sites through spraying the ground with water canons and cab operated batter sprays. Water can also be used in different applications through hose reels attached to the water truck. These features also assist in controlling the level of water used on a site with a trained operator ensuring that water overflow is minimal and controlled. Due to the capacity of the water carts, they also offer efficient water cartage services and portable water delivery, perfect for hard to access areas or areas that have large distances between operation. 

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Why do you need a water truck?

There are many advantages associated with the operation of a water truck on your construction site. Dust control on a construction site is vital for the safety of everyone on site. Dust can pollute the air, impact the environment and cause significant health and safety risks. By using a water truck on site, dust can be reduced and you can ensure dust suppression and prevention precautions.

Another advantage of using a water cart on site is for road construction. When a road is unsealed water trucks are required for dust suppression and for soil compaction. In mining related projects water carts are required for environmental rehabilitation and dust control. Often off road dump truck mounted water carts are used for these jobs due to the size of the water cart and mining specific applications.

For water cartage and portable water delivery, water carts are necessary. The tank of the water cart has to be approved for food grade applications, as water transported has to be suitable for drinking. Firefighters also require water carts as they offer water supply at the fire front. Water trucks are also a great solution for landscaping providing irrigation for large areas quickly and easily.

What are the different types of water carts?

If you are looking for a water cart on your next project, iSeekplant has thousands of suppliers across the country that offer a range of water carts for hire including dinosaur water trucks, dump truck mounted water carts, truck mounted water carts, water scrapers and water tankers. 

What is a dinosaur water truck?dinosaur-truck-hire

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Dinosaur trucks are primarily used within the agricultural industry where they are used to transport large quantities of water to areas that are difficult to reach with standard water carts. Dinosaur water carts are designed to work across a variety of terrain, where they can be mobilised on soft, uneven, and off-road terrain. With dust suppression and high quantity irrigation, dinosaur water trucks offer off road water transport solutions.

What is a dump truck mounted water cart?


Dump truck mounted water carts are used for off-road applications and can carry up to 20,000 - 40,000 litres of water. A dump truck mounted water cart is much larger than a truck mounted water cart as it is articulated on a dump truck and converted to a water cart for cartage services. Typically dump truck mounted water carts are used for high volume water transportation around construction sites and on mining projects.

What is a truck mounted water cart?


A truck mounted water cart is a road registered water cart. With an ability to drive on the road these water carts can travel large distances making them perfect for residential or road required water cartage services. Capable of carrying 6,000-20,000 litres of liquid and known for their dust suppression, truck mounted water carts are versatile and efficient. 

What is a water scraper?


A water scraper is essentially the end product of a water tank that has been mounted onto the body of a scraper. They have a low-centre of gravity which means that water loads can be carried low to the ground allowing for them creep across uneven ground.

What is a water tanker?


Water tankers are purpose built water carrying trailers that can be fitted onto a tipper and look similar to a large fuel tanker. They are often used for carrying water long distances. Water tanker trucks are an ideal solution for when you are working on a remote site and need a lot of water, as they can be quickly mobilised and driven across states to sites around the country, due to the large water storage container that they are fitted with.

What are the hire rates for water carts?

With a range of water carts available rates differ, especially when considering water haulage capabilities. Wet hire prices for water carts can start at $100/hour and increase to around $195/hour depending on the litre amount they can carry. Typically a dump truck mounted water cart will wet hire at around $145/hour for a 20,000 litre cart, however will increase to $190/hour for a 40,000 litre dump truck mounted water cart. If you would like a more comprehensive guide to industry rates, read our water cart hire rates price guide

These are generalised rates that considerably vary depending on the access equipment type and size. You can get a quote through the iseekplant platform to ensure you get the best value for your project whether you need a water cart for hire in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra or Australia-wide

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