What is Land Clearing and Mulching in Australia?


What is Land Clearing in Australia?

Land clearing in Australia is better known as the targeted removal of certain vegetation, brush, trees, stones, and other obstacles. This practice has become increasingly popularised across both commercial and residential projects given its tendency to be the best way to clear brush and small trees.

Land clearing is often undertaken in preparation for construction work but is also a highly sought-after piece of equipment amongst the agricultural industry. The ability to use land clearing in agriculture to clear acreage for cultivation, grazing pastures, and vineyards, is one of many reasons for land clearing to be considered across projects of all natures.

In most cases, land clearing is conducted prior to excavation and levelling activities given the nature of its process. Please note, it is important to look into your local laws and regulations surrounding Land clearing in Australia given the broad range of restrictions and complexities that may arise on occasion.

What is Mulching?

Mulching is the process of breaking down garden and land clearing waste, such as leaves, plant matter, hay, and wood – using mulching machines such as chippers. Mulching is renowned as being an efficient and effective way to return organic materials and nutrients back into the soil through the creation of ‘mulch’ as an output product.

Mulch can be utilised across a diverse range of commercial and residential applications but is more commonly applied as a top layer on surface soil in efforts to conserve soil moisture, mitigate erosion, inhibit weed growth, and improve fertility and soil health.

What are the different types of Land Clearing Equipment?

Chippers and mulchers are machines designed to breakdown land clearing waste such as wood and plant matter for either reuse as mulch, or as part of disposal efforts. They go by a range of names including shredders, mulchers, chippers, chipper shredders, wood chippers, shredder mulchers, and wood shredders.

What is hydromulching?

Hydromulching, often called hydroseeding, is an effective and fast service for high shear areas, dust control, and revegetation of land. Hydromulching is a planting process that utilises specialised mulch typically made up of a mixture of seed, fiber mulch, fertiliser, water, and a binding agent (although this recipe may differ between suppliers). This product is typically sprayed and is used for slope retention, erosion control, hydroseeding, landfill cover, stockpile cover, odour control, dust control, and even stormwater management.

What are Slashers?

A slasher is typically a post-track loader with a slasher add-on attached. These machines utilise a shredder of sorts, where the front of the machine collected trees and debris, while the back processes and cuts up the debris, leaving it along the ground behind the vehicle.

What are Stump Grinders?

Stump grinders are a special piece of equipment, as either a dedicated power tool or as a machine add-on, used for ripping rooted tree stumps from the ground. They are typically manned by a walking operator and vary in size from as small as a lawnmower to as large as a truck. Stump grinders work by utilising a high-speed disc with teeth that grind a stump down into smaller chips for easy removal.

What are Tree Loppers?

A tree lopper is a piece of tree maintenance equipment that is used to cut and prune branches and twigs. They come in a variety of sizes, typically quite long with cutting blades on the end, where suggested length is dependent on the height and width of targeted trees.

What is the typical cost to clear land?

The cost to clear land may vary greatly depending on current land clearing and mulching hire rates. Mulching and Land Clearing prices may also be significantly impacted by hiring type, project scope, and hire period. Suppliers offering mulching and land clearing services typically have minimum hire periods which can range from three to eight hours.

We’ve seen rates for Land clearing and mulching machines/ services vary anywhere from $55+/hour for a 4” chipper and mulcher up to $120+/hour for an 18” chipper and mulcher.

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Reasons for Land Clearing

In general, there is a broad spectrum of reasons for land clearing services to be utilised across both commercial and residential projects. Land clearing is primarily undertaken in preparation for construction work and is also popular in efforts to clear acreage for the creation of agricultural spaces like grazing pastures and vineyards. In many cases, it is conducted prior to excavation and leveling activities. Efficient and effective land clearing services could land you one step closer to ensuring your properties potential is maximised, whilst warding off potential hazards. Land Clearing in Australia as a whole is potentially one of the most purposeful services available given the diverse landscapes available and the variety of benefits offered

Advantages of Land Clearing

One of the most vital steps in preparing land for a project is to have it cleared. Neglected and untreated landscapes are typically characterised by their overgrown and unsafe terrains which can hold negative connotations for project managers and landlords. Given the volume of ‘rough’ terrains around – advantages of land clearing in Australia can be highlighted quite effectively. Here are just a few advantages of land clearing:

Land Clearing as a value-added service

Before land clearing services are implemented, affected areas are typically uninhabitable, unsafe, or ‘useless’. Though rates vary, often times the cost to clear land is a worthy investment when considering the potential upside of construction and agriculture projects.

Land clearing as a fire prevention measure

Fire prevention is one of the primary reasons land clearing services should be utilised, given the nature of the Australian landscape. Land clearing that is undertaken carefully and effectively can reduce or eliminate fire hazards through the removal of dead and dry vegetation.

Land clearing as damage prevention

Damage prevention is one of the other notable reasons for land clearing in Australia. Professional land clearing services can help eliminate future hazards which may require more destructive forms of land management, preventing unnecessary damage and excessive land clearing prices.

If you’re unsure which mulching machine and land clearing equipment or service is right for your project, don’t stress. Our talented team here at iSeekPlant are here to listen to your land clearing requirements to help find reliable equipment and services that offer excellent value and peace of mind.

Our directory offers a variety of highly accredited and industry-leading mulching and land clearing services from suppliers throughout major cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, and Darwin, along with hundreds of regional centres throughout Australia. Get quotes for land clearing equipment or a mulcher here or call us today on 1300 691 912. 

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