What is the right Concrete Pump for my Job?


What Concrete Pump is right for you?

What Concrete Pump do you need for your Job?

  Uses Features Application
Concrete Boom Pump High Rise Development
High Flow Rate
Articulating Pump
Large Scale Construction
Concrete Line Pump Pools
Concrete Slabs
Medium Flow Rate
Flexible Hose Pump
Small Scale  Construction


Concrete pumps are like the modern day hero which every construction site needs. They hold significant utility across a range of commercial and residential projects, acting as a vital tool that delivers one of earth's most heavily consumed materials. Concrete Pumps were initially designed to transfer liquid concrete to sites where mixing trucks had no access, however, with their high flow rate, extreme efficiency, and unmatched reliability, they have become a leading solution across most construction projects.

When it comes to hiring concrete pumps, there are two major variants available across Australia - Line Pumps and Boom Pumps. While they both aim to deliver the same goal, they are distinctly different when it comes to their overarching capabilities. So, which concrete pump is right for you?

Well, when looking to hire a concrete pump you must first understand the requirements of your project alongside any limitations which may be present. When managing a worksite, factors such as space, accessibility, scale, and application can all be determining factors when deciding which concrete pump is best for your upcoming job. If you’re looking to hire a concrete pump, getting a gauge on project scope will often be the first step.

Know what your next job involves, but still unsure about the difference between concrete pumps? Great! Let us explain.

Which type of Concrete Pump do you need to hire?

While the application of a concrete pump may seem fairly straight forward, understanding the difference between pumping methods can make a significant difference when looking to successfully complete your next construction project, and it's a good idea to also look at some of the some of the best concrete pump brands. With two primary concrete pumps up for hire today, getting a grasp of their core differences will likely save you both time and money in the long run. So, here is the difference between a line pump and a boom pump.

Concrete Line Pump

The line pump, also known as a ‘trailer pump’ or a ‘stationary pump’ and is an incredibly versatile concreting method designed for flexible pouring. These pumps are incredibly compact units which feature flexible concrete placing hoses that are manually attached to a machine outlet and other extension hoses to reach the required pouring destination.

One of the biggest advantages of a line pump is the ability to connect multiple extension hoses making the line pump a practical choice when pouring at heights or when pouring locations are in a distant location. When it comes to smaller volume concrete pumping, line pumps are virtually unmatched in terms of their price to performance ratio.

While line pumps are still particularly efficient, they feature a slower pump rate than boom pumps, making them more ideal for smaller applications. For this reason, we have seen concrete line pumps used more for residential and small-scale construction work such as swimming pools, concrete slabs, and sidewalks.

The core features of a line pump include:

  • Flexible hose configuration
  • Low-Medium flow rate
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Reach of 30-50Ft +
  • Cost-efficient
  • Ideal for small scale construction


Concrete Boom Pump

The boom pump, also known as a ‘truck-mounted pump’ is essentially the mother of all concrete pouring action. These pumps are perhaps the most valuable machines on a construction site with a large range of specialised features designed to accurately, efficiently, and reliably pump concrete. Equipped with a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm, boom pumps are considered revolutionary when compared with line pumping methods.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a boom pump is the ability to reach hard access places making the boom pump the leading choice for high-rise construction and obstructed pouring sites. When it comes to large volume concrete pumping, boom pumps are unmatched in terms of absolute performance.

While boom pumps are typically more expensive than a line pump, they feature a much faster pump rate and can actually reduce labour costs associated with pump placement. In addition, boom pumps have the ability to pour concrete more accurately than other pumping methods. For this reason, we have soon boom pumps used primarily in large infrastructure and construction developments including warehouses, high-rises, and other large commercial products.

The core features of a boom pump include:

  • Articulating Pump
  • High flow rate
  • Tremendous mobility
  • Large volume capacity
  • High-reach access
  • Ideal for large scale construction

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