What is the Right Street Sweeper for my Job?

Street Sweeper

Road Sweeper

Street sweepers are one of the most commonly used machines across all projects as they are designed to reduce debris and dirt and dispose of it with limited amount of dust blown into the air. Street sweepers are not only seen on construction sites but also seen on street tidy ups, car parks and public areas. Many local councils often hire street sweepers for tidy ups due to the environmental importance of keeping streets and other public areas clean. Additionally street sweepers can be used indoors such industrial warehouse cleans ups, office cleans ups or shopping centre clean ups.

When it comes to hiring a street sweeper there are the 3 most common kinds of street sweepers that you can choose from for your project.

The 3 different kinds of street sweepers available for hire include:


Machine Mounted Street Sweepers

The machine mounted street sweepers mount onto different machines such as tractors, skid steer loaders and forklifts. When you might have time or budget constraints a machine mounted street sweepers come in handy as you wouldn't have to use 2 machines for the projects. Generally you would use a machine mounted street sweeper for smaller to medium projects such as small site clean ups, street clean ups, office, shopping centre or industrial warehouse cleans. A machine mounted street sweepers are generally used for cleans up were you would not be able to get a road truck street sweeper.

Road Truck Street Sweepers

For larger projects such as street cleans or construction site clean ups a road truck street sweeper comes in handy. Generally a road truck street sweepers are seen on most if not all construction projects across Australia due to the requirements of the projects. A road truck street sweeper comes in a variety of different sizes and is mounted onto the body of a truck. It often comes with different attachments such as hoses, water tanks and various sprayers, and can vacuum debris that accumulates on the streets. They are often used across large construction projects such as road constructions or subdivisions. They are also usually hired by councils for street clean ups and maintenance.

Small or Ride on Street Sweepers

Small or ride on street sweepers are the smallest of the street sweepers and are generally used for smaller projects such as residential construction sites, offices, hospitals, industrial complexes and warehouses. These compact street sweepers enables you to quickly and efficiently clean the sites and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

How to Hire a Street Sweeper Across Australia

To hire a street sweeper you need to assess your site into which one you might require for your project. For smaller projects such as residential, office or warehouse site cleans a ride on street sweeper could be enough, however for a large project you would require a road truck street sweeper. Check out best street sweepers brands identified by iSeekplant.

When it comes to hiring a street sweeper with iSeekplant, we have made it a breeze. We have street sweeper suppliers who offer both wet and dry hire options across Australia in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin, as well as all the regional areas. Get in touch with us on 1300 691 912 or projects@iseekplant.com.au, otherwise use our Get a Quote tool to find the best street sweeper rates in minutes.

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