What is the Right Trencher for your Job?


Find the right Trencher for your job

What type of Trencher is best for your job?

  Trench Width Digging Depth Application
Self-Propelled (Walk-Behind) Trenchers 3” to 16” Wide 12” to 48” Deep Space Restricted Projects
Compact Ride-On Trenchers Up to 60” Wide Upward of 2 feet Deep Space Conscious Projects
Industrial Track/ Rock Wheel Trenchers Up to 134” Wide Upwards of 6 feet Deep Large-scale commercial Projects


Trenchers are an incredibly useful piece of machinery, designed to dig trenches suitable for underground utilities, commercial infrastructure initiatives, and residential development projects. Though seemingly straight-forward, trenchers are manufactured in different variants ranging from “Self-Propelled” and “Ride-On” options to attachment-based alternatives for popular plant like excavators, tractors, and skid steers. Each machine is designed with unique specifications and varying trenching capabilities so narrowing down your alternatives is typically the best ‘first step’ in understanding what your project requires.

When trying to first understand which trencher is best suited for your job, there are three core questions which should be asked:

  1. How wide to I need my trench to be?
  2. How deep will my trench go?
  3. What kind of space do I have to work with?

These questions will often act as a surefire way to determine which trencher ‘fits-the-bill’ and are a great way to discover which type of machine will be most beneficial for your project! Know what size trench is required, but still unsure about the difference between trenching machines? No worries, let us explain!

Which type of Trencher do you need?

Though the application of trenchers is fairly straight forward, understanding the difference between trenching methods and machines can be quite the opposite. There are a variety of options available on the hire market today, so getting a grasp on core differences can save you a lot of time and money in the ‘long-run’ of things.

Self-Propelled Trencher Hire - Self-Propelled Trenchers, also known as ‘Walk-Behind’ or ‘Pedestrian’ trenchers are a leading option for those looking for efficiency, productivity, and durability in a small package. These trenchers for hire will commonly dig to a depth that ranges between 12 - 48 inches and a width between 3 - 16 inches - making them an ideal solution for landscapers, fencers, contractors, and property management. Self-Propelled trenchers are also a leading choice for projects with distinct space restrictions and operating limitations.

Compact Ride-On Trencher Hire - Compact Ride-On Trenchers are a convenient alternative to their self-propelled counterparts, with greater digging capabilities designed to exceed worksite expectations. These trenchers will commonly dig to a depth of up to 2 feet and a width of up to 60 inches - making them a leading solution for Australian infrastructure projects, including work with roads, tunnels, water, or gas. Compact Ride-On trenchers are also a premiere choice for projects that are mindful of space and certain operating limitations.

Industrial Track Trencher Hire - Industrial Track Trenchers throw convenience out the window in favour of absolute productivity, efficiency, and reliability. These machines have the greatest digging capabilities of all trenching machines reaching common depths upwards of 6 feet, and widths of up to 134 inches - making them the leading solution across large-scale infrastructure in Australia, working with roads, tunnels, water, and gas. Track Trenchers are also a premiere option for projects without space and operating limitations.

Trenching Machine Attachment Hire - Trenching Machine Attachments are available across leading plant such as excavators, skid steers and tractors. While not as efficient or productive as trenching machines, attachment hire offers greater versatility and in cases, better on-site access. Take the excavator for example, which utilises its knuckle boom to begin digging next to structures and in ‘hard-to-reach’ areas almost instantly. While depths may vary in accordance with certain machines - trenching machine attachment hire is a leading solution for those looking for tight-access solutions and operational versatility.


Your Personal Trencher Hire Checklist

If you are just about ready to begin hiring a trencher for your upcoming project, there are a few factors to remember when determining which trencher is best for you. So here is your personal trencher hire checklist.

Trencher Type - Remember the type of trenchers available and determine which best suits your projects individual needs. There is a multitude of different sizes and configurations which can cater to projects differently.

Space Restrictions - Be mindful of project space restrictions and hire a trencher accordingly. While tracked trenchers are more efficient, a trenching machine attachment might be ideal. When dealing with residential projects, some trenchers must be able to fit through gates as narrow as 36 inches.

Digging Depth and Width - Often times a project will require specific trenching depths and widths, so being mindful of a trenchers capability is vital when determining which is best for your project. While self-propelled trenchers may be more convenient in some settings, they may not reach the required depth needed for your project - requiring ride-on alternatives.

Fuel Type - The type of fuel which trenchers run off may not be the most important aspect of a trencher, but it can play a part in determining your preferred trenching option. Most pedestrian trenchers will operate on gasoline whilst ride-on and tracked alternatives tend to operate on diesel. Again, while not always vital, fuel type is another option to be mindful of.

Operational Power - Trenchers will operate at different power outputs, and in turn, have differing capabilities. If you require deeper trenches or are operating on rough terrain, ride-on or tracked trenchers may be required given their increased power output and greater horsepower.

Looking to hire the best Trencher for your next project?

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