What is the Right Water Cart for my Job?

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The water cart is an essential machine in the mining and construction industry. Dust from construction and mining projects can be hazardous to the health of workers and the local communities. Coming in a variety of sizes and designs, the water cart’s spraying capabilities make it great for dust suppression, compaction and fire prevention. The big question is, what type of water cart do you need for your project? If you're wondering whether you need a licence to operate, check out our blog on water cart licences.

What type of water cart do you need?

The type of water cart you need depends on your job and it’s requirements. iseekplant has a wide range of water carts available for hire, including:

Standard Water Carts

The standard water cart is designed and used to carry large amounts of water. Typically, water carts have a smaller capacity and can usually carry between 16,000L to 20,000L. Water carts are often used on construction and mining sites, and with its wide range of attachments, they are able to be used for dust suppression, fire prevention and general water transport.

Dino Water Carts

Dino water carts, short for dinosaur, are popular in the farming and agriculture industry, particularly in Western Australia. They provide a simple solution when transporting large quantities of water to the harder to reach areas that have soft or uneven ground.

Moxy Water Carts

Moxy water carts are popular in the civil and mining industries, able to pump out 1000L per minute. Despite their average 34,000L capacity, their chassis gives them the stability they need for the uneven and rocky terrain of mining sites.

Truck Mounted Water Carts

Truck mounted water carts are most commonly seen at mining sites, as their custom designed chassis and off-road tyres give them great stability over rugged terrain. Even though the spraying capabilities vary from truck to truck, water trucks are able to haul as much as 36,000L in one go! The advantage of hiring a truck mounted water cart is that they are also able to drive on the road as a registered vehicle.

Articulated Water Carts

The articulated water cart is great for off-road use in construction or agriculture environments. It’s motor and high-level of stability makes it great for steep terrains and cross-country travel. Articulated water carts have an average capacity range from 6,000L to 10,250L.

Dump Truck Mounted Water Carts

Dump truck mounted water carts are similar to truck mounted water carts - they are capable of driving on-road as a registered vehicle. As this water cart is mounted on a dump truck, it has a smaller capacity (16,000L to 20,000L) compared to other water carts such as the dino water cart.

Things to consider before hiring a water cart

Even though you know the types of water carts available for hire, there are still a few things you can do before you contact water cart hire companies. If you can, go to the site and make sure you know what work needs to be completed - try taking photos to send to contractors and speak to the project manager about the job at hand. Providing this information when you are hiring a water cart will ensure problems don't arise later.

Where can I find the best water carts for hire in Australia?

If you’re still not sure what type of water cart hire you’re after, call us on 1300 691 912 to talk about the project. iseekplant has an extensive range of water cart hire companies available all across Australia who are ready to help you find the right water cart hire for your project! From Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Darwin and Adelaide - we've got you covered!


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