What to look for when hiring a development company or SEO agency. Website Part 3.


Here's our tips on what to look for when hiring a development company or SEO agency.

Welcome to the third of our videos discussing how to build and optimise your website as a plant hire company. In this video we talk about what to look for when you are hiring a development company or SEO agency to help build your website and promote it.

In this video we discuss the following points to consider:

  • Choosing a developer
  • Scoping your site
  • Using a CMS System
  • The cost of your system

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Part 3: What to look for when hiring a development company or SEO agency.

Welcome to the third of our videos discussing how to build and optimise your website as a plant hire company. The first video talked about the content you need on your site to excite customers and drive them to take action to call your plant hire company. The second video, talked about the basics of search engine optimisation to improve your site’s rankings in Google.

In this video I’m going to talk about what to look for, and look out for, when you are engaging a development company or SEO agency to help build your website and promote it. I meet with a lot of customers to help with their digital promotion, and a lot of people get stung by a lack of experience in the space, or by dodgy operators looking to profit from their lack of experience. Here, I will talk about ways you can avoid getting stung, and the kind of partner you need.

<Title Slide> Choosing a developer

As discussed in the previous video, you don’t need a heap of bells and whistles on your plant hire website, there is a couple of simple pages that are highly effective and promote your business well. So, in that way, you don’t need to employ the best developer in town, or the most expensive. My recommendation would be to ask around for references from other businesses, or do a Google search. Any web developer that knows how to rank their own website in Google is probably a good partner for you. Make sure you look at their social media pages and their website. You want to look for someone who speaks plainly on their site, makes the site easy to navigate and find information easily.

Title Slide <Scoping your site>

Before searching for a developer to code your site, you need to plan every page of it. Review my previous videos to get a sense of the exact pages you need to promote your plant hire company. Then, create a document in word or powerpoint spelling out the must haves on each of the page, including images, videos, contact details, and text you want on that page. The more you scope the site and the more you are clear with what you want straight away, the sharper your quote will be when it comes to pricing your development job.

<Title Slide> Using a CMS System

As discussed in a previous video you absolutely must try to build your website on top of a CMS system – called a Content Management System. These are off-the-shelf software packages that control the content on every page, and allow you to edit, update, add pages and changes you website with great frequency. Sometimes, developers can be sneaky and ignore the CMS, suggesting that they hand-code every page of your site. This is only in their best interests – because then you have to pay them to change anything on your site. What’s more is that Google scores you highly for having a website that changes regularly.

CMS systems are cheap, do a bit of research yourself online before going to a developer. They are also pretty easy to use and mean that every time you get a new machine, or sell one, you can quickly update your site with new and correct information. You can also upload regular news articles and other content that scores you high in Google.

<Title Slide> The cost of your system

Getting websites developed in Australia is expensive and there are plenty of agencies will to take money off you for nothing.
You need to scope your website first, then get it quoted up. The more information in your scope, the sharper your price will likely be.

Some agencies charge development cost, which can be between $90 and $140 per hour, depending on the agency and skill of developer. Other agencies charge project management and other quality services over the top – and these can be about $140 per hour up to $220 per hour. In my experience, you don’t need too much project management, or strategy or any of those services – they are principally for larger companies and sites.

For a plant hire company, I would be surprised if you website cost more than between $10,000 and $15,000 for a complete site, especially if it’s been well scoped before hand and you’ve found an agency that doesn’t charge management or superfluous charges.

However – iSeekplant creates great websites for plant hire companies, for a fraction of that. For $90 per month, and a tiny set up fee, we will create a templatised but unique website for your business. All you need to do is supply the content and we develop, host and publish your website.

Another alternative is to use your iSeekplant company profile, which comes free with every listing and is like a small website within our website promoting your business – to promote your company. This is the most affordable and high traffic way to promote your plant hire business to the right people.

If you are interested in these services, please call 1300 691 912 or email info@iseekplant.com.au for more information.



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