Woodside prioritises Bechtel for major Pluto LNG contract in $15.5 billion Scarborough project

Pluto LNG

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Bechtel are preparing for a major contract to build a second Pluto LNG train (a liquefaction and purification facility) within WA’s massive $15.5 billion Scarborough project.

Woodside has publicly stated its preference to engage with Bechtel to build the second processing unit.

The contract surrounds a brownfield expansion of the Pluto LNG facility, with the contract covering initial engineering and design activities for Pluto-2, along with the construction of the plant.

Woodside is targeting late 2019 to begin FEED, anticipating a 2024 competition date, subject to the final investment decision currently planned for 2020.

"Expanding Pluto LNG will provide the necessary infrastructure to commercialise Western Australian gas resources for years to come," said Mr Peter Coleman, Woodside chief executive.

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“We look forward to progressing Train 2 concept definition work and continuing to build our relationship with Bechtel.”

“We now operate both the Scarborough offshore gas resource and the Pluto LNG onshore processing facility. It is our plan to accelerate the development of Scarborough through an expansion of Pluto LNG. Concept selections for both the offshore and onshore components of the project are targeted by the end of this year.”

“We see Pluto as being very well suited to at this point in the market.”

The LNG train, which is a liquefaction and purification facility, will boast capacity of around 4 to 5 million tonnes of LNG per year and will feature as a critical part of Pluto’s mega plant expansion.

Hundreds of kilometres of subsea pipeline will be laid along the ocean floor to enable the transport of gas from the Scarborough and Browse fields to the new Pluto-2 facility.

Bechtel has previously been responsible for building eight other LNG trains around Australia, with six on Curtis in Queensland and two near Onslow in Western Australia.

The new facility will allow Woodside to better tap into the major 7.3 trillion cubic feet Scarborough gas resource.



 Source: Woodside & Australian Mining


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