Introducing Go-Line

A world first technology helping construction managers detemine the true location and availability of hire machines across Australia.

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Go-Line is a technology that has been added to iSeekplant's existing construction hire marketplace service, giving our users free access to a real-time tracking system so they can immediately identify the nearest available machine required for their project- as well as suppliers based locally.

It replicates the success of popular online ride sharing services, applying real-time tracking technology to heavy machinery so construction managers can streamline the identification of suppliers with available machines near construction, mining, civil, agricultural, oil, gas and infrastructure projects across Australia. 

Benefits of Go-Line for Users

Users of iSeekplant will now notice Go-Line machines at the top of the iSeekplant search results - representing the closest available machine in the area



Identify unutilised machines

Hire machines needed urgently can be sourced by identifying a machine sitting unutilised nearby - or as usual from local suppliers


Reduce mobilisation costs

Reduce mobilisation costs by finding the closest machine with precision


Technologically advanced

Users from large civil projects can identify suppliers with a technologically advanced approach to business and fleet management

Benefits of Go-Line for Customers

By providing iSeekplant access to their telematics data, hire companies can now nationalise their fleet and get work from anywhere in Australia


Decrease mobilisation costs

Hire machines needed urgently can be sourced by identifying a machine sitting unutilised nearby - or as usual from local suppliers


Reduce down-time

Reduce down-time between jobs and increase machine utilisation


Get machines working

Get machines out on hire from their current location wihout returning to the depot at a significant expense

How does it work

The first question we always get from plant hire companies is "won't my competitors be able to use Go-Line to see the exact location of my machines?" And it's a fair question. We know how valuable that information is to your company. iSeekplant have been working on this piece of tech for over two years, drafting and redrafting to get it just right. We've trialled it with some of the slipperiest characters in plant hire and they weren't able to abuse it. Go-Line has been desinged so that we completely anonymise the data we are getting, while still allowing searchers to see the closest machine to them in real time.

Here's how the telematics feed works 

GPS-linked monitoring devices attached or built into machines that were previously used for maintenance and fault detection, provide real-time data about where the machine is and if it’s currently working or idle. For security, we scramble the data and do not identify machines in a way that can be precisely assigned to unique suppliers. Customers who have provided their telematics data to us are boosted to the top of the search results, as they represent the closest working machine to the search area.

Construction managers of all kinds come to iSeekplant to find the closest and best machine for their job - and telematics data helps to make our search results much more useful. So it makes sense that customers providing us with their telematics data may gain an advantage in our search results in some search instances. 

Progressive Partnerships

We couldn’t have released this technology without the help of some very forward-thinking and progressive partners who saw the potential for this technology to revolutionise the industry. 



The Fleet Office has been a mate of ours for 4 years now. In launching our prototype, we built an interface to their after-market telematics technology so that we could analyse the real-time productivity and location information of their customer’s fleets. Then we engaged with our shared customers, one-by-one, for permission to see their fleet data.

Who's already backing it

Here are some of our customers who jumped on board without a moment's hesitataion (because they know it's the furure of the industry too)


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