iSeekplant does not exhibit at construction industry expos and events for many reasons. Find out why in this eBook

This eBook will give you compelling mathematical analysis that will refute the long-held construction industry myth, that you ‘have’ to attend construction expos and events.

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About the Author

Sally was born into the quarrying industry in North Queensland the 1980s. One of her first memories was being lifted onto a sand stack at a quarry plant in Townsville in a Caterpillar 789 front-end loader bucket – her and the other kids of unsafe parents would ride cardboard boxes down the stockpiles for fun. You could do things like that in the 1980s without your site getting shut down. Her love of the industry started there.

She studied marketing at University and after graduating, got excited by the bright lights of Shanghai, then eventually came back to Sydney where she worked for Samsung and Microsoft in technology marketing.

It wasn’t until 2011, when founders Drew, Matt and Shaun came to her with their idea to take plant hire online, that she gladly returned reinvigorated her love of dusty demountable offices, the smell of grease, the straight-talking, no-nonsense, salt-of-the-earth industry she’d grown up in.

In 2012, she started writing about industry issues on iSeekplant’s company blog. It gathered steam quickly, as people started to like her funny, self-deprecating and well-written pieces about industry issues. Her Dad started calling her the ‘Flapping Mouth of Plant Hire’ – that nickname stuck, and now The Flapping Mouth Blog has tens of thousands of readers each week, and over 200,000 followers across social media.


Sally McPherson


Brought to you by the construction professionals who have
joked, wrote and promoted themselves to, 220,000 machine classes,and 12,000 locations in Australia



"It is with some trepidation that I publish this eBook – but as you all know, as the first female earthmoving blogger, and founding author of The Flapping Mouth, I have never shied away from causing controversy and shaking this construction joint up. I expect a couple of heavy emails as a result of it."

- Sally McPherson

This eBook will convince you to redirect some of your investment in these events to online for infinitely more business development bang-for-buck.

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