Top 10 Construction Activities for Kids

Whether the kids require stimulation during STEM at school or on holidays, construction and building activities will help to keep them occupied. The construction and building activities are aimed at three age groups: preschool (ages 3-4), grades K to 2 (ages 5-8), and grades 3 to 5 (ages 9-11).

Preschool (Ages 3-4)

1. Constructing Shapes

Shapes can be constructed with toothpicks and marshmallows as an engaging STEM activity for kids. The pre-schoolers will learn to manipulate elements to assemble larger structures during this construction play.

2. Colouring Pages

Colouring is a fun and classic activity that will develop fine motor skills, stimulate creativity, and improve handwriting of pre-schoolers. Some colouring pages may require the children to gather different colours that correspond to a particular number.

3. Count Nuts and Bolts

Addition and subtraction math are an important STEM skill used in this engaging activity. Pre-schoolers will count the number of nuts and bolts required to make 10.

4. Construction Scissor Practice

Kids will cut construction shapes out of paper with scissors as a fun STEM activity designed to help increase hand-eye coordination, bilateral coordination, and fine motor skills.


Grades K to 2 (Ages 5-8)

5. Tool Matching Game

Matching the tool to its corresponding picture is an enjoyable building game for kids that provides valuable knowledge of basic home tools. This game will build interest in fixing problems around the house and in turn enhance problem-solving skills.

6. Create a Neighbourhood

Kids will make real world connections to construction projects by creating a neighbourhood community with “under construction” signs, “stop” signs, buildings, roads etc. This construction activity allows kids to practice teamwork while acting out construction roles with their friends.

7. Connect the Dots

The classic game of connect the dots improves problem-solving skills, picture and number comprehension, hand-eye coordination, and sharpening the mind for children.


Grades 3 to 5 (Ages 9-11)

8. Build a Bridge

Spaghetti and tape are the main building materials that kids will use in this bridge building project. Constructing a bridge will be sure to awaken each child’s inner civil engineer.

9. Build your Dream House

Architectural interest will be developed with this engaging blueprint project. The children will design and develop their dream house on a blueprint template to experience creating their own built environment.

10. LEGO Building Challenge

Teachers or parents can supply LEGO building cards to prompt the children to build a hammer, truck, house etc. LEGO enhances creative thinking skills and creates a new inspiration for construction and building.