Bobcat E20 Mini Excavator Review & Full Specs

Bobcat is a leading brand that has pioneered and remained committed to producing quality mini excavators for the construction market. Bobcat is particularly known for their innovative design ideas, which is clearly demonstrated within the Bobcat E20 mini excavator. This machine is powerful, fuel-efficient and delivers excellent performance in limited access areas. To learn more about this superior mini excavator, continue reading below for our in-depth review and a full list of specs.



Bobcat E20 Mini Excavator Specs (overview)

  • Make and model: Kubota D722-E2B-BCZ-7
  • Number of cylinders: 3
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Operating weight with canopy: 1930 kg
  • Digging force, bucket (ISO 6015): 20835 N
  • Ground pressure: 31.1 kPa
  • Fuel reservoir: 19.00 L
  • Pump capacity: 41.30 L/min
  • For full specs - see below

drew-mcpherson Drew's Review

The Bobcat E20 mini excavator does not only continue the mission for perfection, rather it raises the bar. This 2-tonne Zero House Swing model provides excellent performance, safety, complete comfort for the operator and loads of functional features. This Bobcat mini excavator is ideal for operators searching for a compact design without compromising comfort and performance. The Zero House Swing functionality enhances the Zero Tail Swing by further protecting the upper structure corners turning within the swing circle. The Zero House Swing functionality provides 320 degrees of free rotation while working close to any object. Bobcat has always exceeded user expectations by creating compact designs with versatility and serviceability.

This machine is fuel-efficient and provides a considerable amount of power. The undercarriage is comparably longer than the previous models, therefore making the Bobcat E20 mini excavator more stable. This mini excavator also features an undercarriage system that hydraulically widens to enable a 991 mm width configuration for tight access through doorways and gates. A noteworthy feature of the Bobcat E20 is that it can be easily moved behind appropriate commercial vehicles such as vans or open trucks. You can trust that transporting this mini excavator model from project to project will be totally hassle-free.


Comfort for the Operator

Bobcat is committed to minimising customer disappointment by considering all factors and coming up with unique solutions. The Bobcat E20 cab has been deliberately built with optimal ergonomics for all operators, particularly as it is large and spacious with its easy-to-clean floor. All the excavator controls are easily accessible to provide effortless operation for hours on end. This machine is powerful and versatile for easy manoeuvrability around materials and objects.


Compact and Powerful

With the Bobcat E20 excavator in mind, you can never judge the potential of a machine by its size. This mini excavator is compact in size but will deliver unexpected results when performing any type of construction task. The Bobcat E20 is equipped with an unmatched hydraulic system used for engine power. In addition, the overall smoothness of operation is enhanced by the boom and dipper stick cylinder cushioning. No matter if this Bobcat E20 mini excavator is digging or loading, it also has the capacity to easily lift heavy loads up to great heights. Two blade options are available with this machine - first for users who prefer compactness for working in small areas and second for users who prefer extended length and high stability. Want to list your Mini Excavator to get more work? Become a supplier on iseekplant and make a free profile here.


Highly Reliable

This Bobcat excavator model is robust and hard-wearing. Each and every part of this machine is totally reliable - from the metal covers that can be opened or bolted to the top-mounted boom cylinder, powerful 2-piece blade cylinder hoses, wrenches hydraulic technology that prevents leakage, rear tailgates protected by casted counterweights and more. All the design features are tested under the most difficult conditions and the highest quality materials are used to ensure peace of mind during operation.


Guaranteed Safety

If you are looking at the Bobcat mini excavator from a safety point of view, you can leave your worries aside and commit to investing in this machine. It is important to note that this machine is ROPS/FOPS/TOPS compliant and highly spacious for its weight class. You will have a choice of ordering either an open canopy or an enclosed air-conditioned cabin. The operator seat is adjustable and supportive to allow a comfortable seating position. This excavator will meet your expectations and beyond with its overall finish and fit of panel work, vibrant paint finish, and decal packages.


Easy Maintenance

The Bobcat E20 has great durability and easy maintenance due to its creative design. All the maintenance and service points are suitably located to allow easy cleaning. There is also immediate access to side-by-side coolers that produce no-fuss cleaning.


Hire a Mini Excavator

Whether you hire or invest in this mini excavator model for your important projects, it will definitely help you make your job a success! Be sure to browse the mini excavator hire options that are listed on iSeekplant to find the best one to complete your project requirements.



Bobcat E20 Mini Excavator Full Specs


  • Make and model: Kubota D722-E2B-BCZ-7
  • Number of cylinders: 3
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Displacement: 0.7 L
  • Maximum NET torque (ISO 9249): 42.3 Nm
  • Maximum NET power (ISO 9249): 9.9 kW


  • Operating weight with canopy: 1930 kg
  • Operating weight with cab: 2019 kg
  • Ground pressure: 31.1 kPa

Hydraulic System

  • Pump type: Dual-piston pump with gear pump
  • Pump capacity: 41.30 L/min
  • Pump 2 and 3 capacity at 2500 rpm: 15.00 L/min
  • Pump 1 capacity at 2500 rpm: 11.30 L/min
  • Boom port relief base and rod end: 210.0 - 250.0 bar
  • Auxiliary relief: 180.0 bar
  • Auxiliary flow: 30.00 L/min


  • Drawbar pull: 19302 N
  • Digging force, dipper stick (ISO 6015): 10371 N
  • Digging force, long dipper stick (ISO 6015): 9279 N
  • Travel speed, high range: 4.0 km/h
  • Travel speed, low range: 2.5 km/h
  • Digging force, bucket (ISO 6015): 20835 N

Slew System

  • Boom swing, left: 80 degrees
  • Boom swing, right: 60 degrees
  • Slew rate: 8.4 rpm


  • Noise level LpA (EU Directive 2006/42/EC): 82 dB(A)
  • Noise level LWA (EU Directive 2000/14/EC): 93 dB(A)
  • Hand-arm vibration (ISO 5349–1) Uncertainty: 0.37 ms -2
  • Hand-arm vibration (ISO 5349–1): 1.57 ms -2
  • Whole-body vibration (ISO 2631–1): 0.73 ms -2

Fluid Capacities

  • Fuel reservoir: 19.00 L
  • Cooling system: 3.30 L
  • Engine lubrication plus oil filter: 3.30 L
  • Hydraulic system: 19.00 L


  • Keyless start
  • TOPS/ROPS cab with heater
  • AM/FM MP3 stereo radio
  • Cab/canopy light kit
  • Clamp ready long dipper stick
  • Comfort package
    • Auto-Shift Drive Motors
    • Superior seat with a high back (Canopy)
    • Deluxe textile suspension seat (Cab)
  • Travel motion alarm
  • Object handling certified
  • Auxiliary hydraulic line on dipper stick
  • Hydraulic clamp
  • Long dozer blade
  • Klac and Lehnhoff couplers
  • 2nd Auxiliary hydraulics
  • Boom Load Holding Valve
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