CAT 994K Wheel Loader Review & Full Specs

Have you been searching for the perfect equipment to maneuver material smoothly at an economical price? The CAT 994K Wheel Loader Machine is the perfect choice! Designed through innovative design, this loader ensures top-notch performance and bears the toughest loading conditions effortlessly. For more information, check out the reviews and specs of the CAT 994K Loader, discussed in detail below.

CAT 994K Wheel Loader Specs (overview)

  • Model: Cat 3516 E
  • Operating Weight: 242605 kg
  • Bore: 6.7 in/ 170 mm
  • Lift/Tilt System - Pump: Variable Displacement Piston
  • Lift/Tilt System - Circuit: Positive Flow Control
  • Displacement: 4766 in 3/ 78.1 L
  • Bucket Capacity Range: 17.2  to 43.6 m 3
  • Pilot System: Open Loop and Pressure Reducing
  • Rated Speed: 1600 rpm
  • For full specs - see below


Drew's Review

CAT 994K Wheel Loader is the A1 choice for moving heavy materials and construction projects on huge sites. It has an ergonomic design, is built in an environmentally friendly way, has the latest technological features, and more. You can never go wrong with this loader as it offers great functionality and combines sustainability with world-class performance. One of the most noteworthy things about Caterpillar 994K Loader is the detection feature that intensifies the operator’s awareness and enhances safety at the operation. It has a range of capabilities that assists the operator with areas of restricted visibility around stationary equipment. Moreover, this equipment is the number one choice of many operators and contractors. It is feature-packed and some of the key elements are discussed below.

Incredible Features of CAT 994K Wheel Loader

Tough Structure for the Toughest Situations

The CAT 994K Loader is built in a robust manner that enables it to work efficiently and stand strong even in the most difficult scenarios. It is highly durable and is capable of withstanding the heaviest loads. The CAT 994K Loader works amazingly on large construction sites where there’s a lot of heavy material to carry. To maximise the life of mounted parts, it boasts a full box-section rear frame that resists complex shock and torsional forces. Also, the front linkage pin joint has a greased pin design that ensures long life and reliability.

Power Train that Enables Efficient Moving of Materials

994K Cat Loader can move materials easily with its improved power and control. It features Rimpull Control System (RCS) and Impeller Clutch Torque Converter (ICTC) which helps you to reduce your cost per ton. RCS allows reducing the potential of wheel slippage without reducing hydraulic efficiency. The ICTC improves fuel-efficiency in certain applications. The machine also has a Steering and Transmission Integrated Control System (STIC) through which you can experience absolute responsiveness and combine gear selection, steering, and directional selection into a single lever. Plus, the powerful engine of the loader is a major reason for an optimum and excellent performance.

Awesome Operator Comfort

The cab has a spacious, clean, and comfortable environment that will definitely help in the increased productivity of the operator. Operators can easily set the desired cab temperature, drive comfortably on leather seats, and stay safe with the wide retractable seat belt. It is an incredibly-well designed machine, not only for the operators, but for trainers as well. Included in the machine is a comfy trainer seat, perfect for learning the ins and outs of the machine. Want to list your Loader to get more work? Become a supplier on iseekplant and make a free profile here

Safety is the Top Priority

The Caterpillar 994K Loader was designed with safety in mind. To improve entry & exit to and from the rear platform, it features a powered access system that allows hassle-free access to the primary stairs. The stairs can be easily lowered or raised from the ground or cab level. For unobstructed visibility, a ‘Cat Vision radar system’ has been included to enhance the operator’s awareness around the equipment. Additionally, the machine has LED Lights that provide exceptional workspace visibility.

Environment-Friendly Equipment With Superior Performance

Another great feature of the CAT 994K Loader is that it is designed in a way to ensure the least harm to the environment is produced as a result of operation. It has built-in fuel efficiency features that minimize the carbon footprint, as well as fluids controlled in an efficient manner through the use of Cat anti-drain filter and ecology drains. The wheel loader works perfectly with a variety of buckets and tools that enhances productivity and efficiency of work. From rock buckets to heavy duty rock buckets to coal buckets and more, they can be used in loading several quarry materials. Also, there are versatile ground engaging tools that can help you reduce your operating costs. The tools will help you get the most out of your machine’s performance as well!

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CAT 994K Wheel Loader Full Specs


  • Model: Cat 3516 E
  • Bore: 6.7 in/ 170 mm
  • Stroke: 8.5 in/ 215 mm
  • Displacement: 4766 in 3/ 78.1 L
  • Rated Speed: 1600 rpm
  • Gross Power -SAE J1995: 1870 hp/ 1394 kw
  • Gross Power - ISO 14396: 1847 Hp/ 1377 kw
  • Net Power: 1739 hp/ 1297 kw
  • Torque Rise: 39%


Transmission Type Cat Planetary Power Shift
Forward 1 7.4 km/h 4.6 mph
Forward 2 12.9 km/h 8.0 mph
Forward 3 21.9 km/h 13.6 mph
Reverse 1 8.1 km/h 5.0 mph
Reverse 2 14.1 km/h 8.8 mph
Reverse 3 24 km/h 14.9 mph
Direct Drive - Forward 1 Lock-up disables  
Direct Drive - Forward 2 14 km/h 8.7 mph
Direct Drive - Forward 3 24.5 km/h 15.2 mph
Direct Drive - Reverse 1 Lock-up disables  
Direct Drive - Reverse 2 15.5 km/h 9.6 mph
Direct Drive - Reverse 3 27 km/h 16.8 mph

Operating Specifications

  • Operating Weight: 242605 kg
  • Bucket Capacity Range: 17.2 - 43.6 m 3
  • Bucket Capacity Range - Rock: 19.1-24.5 m 3
  • Bucket Capacity Range - Coal: 32.1-43.6 m 3
  • Bucket Capacity Range - Iron Ore: 17.2 m 3
  • Rated Payload - Standard (Loose Material): 54.4 t
  • Rated Payload - High Lift (Loose Material): 49.9 t

Hydraulic System Tilt/Lift

  • Relief Valve Setting - Lift/Tilt: 32500 kPa
  • Pilot System: Open Loop and Pressure Reducing
  • Lift/Tilt System - Pump: Variable Displacement Piston
  • Lift/Tilt System - Circuit: Positive Flow Control
  • Maximum Flow at 1700 rpm engine speed: 2047 L/min
  • Cylinders, Double Acting - Tilt, Bore, and Stroke: 310 × 1086 mm (12.2 × 42.8 in)
  • Cylinders, Double Acting - Lift, Bore, and Stroke: 370 × 1713 mm (14.6 × 67.4 in)

Dimensions - High Lift - Approximate

  • Rack Back Angle - Carry: 53.7 degrees
  • Reach - Maximum Lift: 2688 mm
  • Ground to Lower Hitch Clearance: 898 mm
  • Rear Axle - Centerline to Bumper: 6205 mm
  • Ground to Bumper Clearance: 1355 mm
  • Rack Back Angle - Ground Level: 45.0 degrees
  • Tread Width: 4300 mm
  • Clearance at Maximum Lift: 7095 mm
  • Dump Angle at Maximum Lift: –50.0 degrees
  • Rear Axle - Centerline to Bumper: 6205 mm
  • Ground to Center of Axles: 1820 mm
  • Wheel Base: 6800 mm
  • Ground to Top of ROPS: 7118.5 mm
  • Maximum Overall Height - Bucket Raised: 12545 mm
  • Width - Over Tires - With Bulge: 5760 mm
  • B-Pin Height - Maximum Lift: 9647 mm
  • Ground to Top of Exhaust Stacks: 7067 mm
  • Front Axle Centerline to Bucket Tip: 7097 mm
  • Rack Angle at Maximum Lift: 59.4 degrees
  • Ground to Top of Hood: 5682 mm
  • Maximum Overall Length: 20102 mm


  • Front: Fixed
  • Oscillation Angle: 9 degrees
  • Rear: Trunnion

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