CAT 259D3 Compact Track Loader Review & Full Specs


Image source: Caterpillar

Caterpillar is a powerful industry leader in supplying quality compact track loaders like the CAT 259D3. This machine delivers multiple standout features, including extreme comfort, safety, stability and speed. The CAT 259D3 compact track loader has managed to achieve some industry firsts with its smart attachment recognition and grade assist! The comfort of the cab, combined with its updated intelligent features, makes this loader one of the best among its competitors.

The CAT 259D3 is setting the industry standards to a high level and becoming a top pick among operators with its advanced display features, increased cab space and improved performance.

CAT 259D3 Compact Track Loader Specs (overview)

  • Engine Make: CAT
  • Engine Model: C3.3B DIT
  • Gross Power: 55.4 kW
  • Net Power: 54.6 kW
  • Operating Weight: 4076 kg
  • Displacement: 3.3 L
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged
  • For full specs - see below

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The CAT 259D3 compact track loader is first-class with its added performance and comfort effectiveness. This machine is easy to load, efficiently operated and leads the construction industry with some its newly refined features. With its more spacious cabs and wider doors, the operator can enjoy a constantly clean, safe and comfortable environment. This compact track loader has also been designed with a strong focus on technology.

The CAT loader features not only better functionality but also exceptional new features like an advanced display system, higher performance power train and improved performance-tuned suspension. This loader is highly compatible with tools and integrates smart technology with complex, sophisticated attachments. It is a must-buy for all operators and big companies who want quality work completed before the designated time!

Joy of Comfort

The Caterpillar 259D3 compact track loader was redesigned to produce a more comfortable cab and we are highly impressed! It provides the best operator comfort with 15 percent more space than the regular track loader. The wider opening door ensures safer and easier machine entry and exit. This CAT cab design has become an industry leader in operator comfort with its pressurised and sealed system. This ensures that the temperature is always suitable within the cab even during extreme weather conditions.

The CAT compact track loader has a mounted air ride seat with adjustable joystick controls. An adjustable vinyl seat and fold in contoured ergonomic armrests make this machine comfortable for long work hours.

Better Performance

This CAT track loader is equipped with an electronic torque management system that guarantees better work. This machine is also equipped with a high-performance power train, industry exclusive electronic hand/foot throttle and decelerating pedal capability! The electronic CAT C3.3B engine provides even better horsepower and torque. For applications that require hydraulic power, you can trust that the high flow hydraulic system will deliver. This compact track loader is almost noiseless in its operation and meets the U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards. This power-packed CAT 259D3 loader promises better performance compared to its competition in the industry.

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Smarter Than Ever

The CAT 259D3 compact track loader uses the “Intelligent Levelling” system (ILEV) to provide industry-leading technology and optional features like the work tool positioner, work tool return to dig, and even dual-direction self-level to make work easier. This loader can operate on rough terrain with its standard fully independent torsion axle suspension combined with the optional Speed Sensitive Ride Control system. The suspension can deliver a more comfortable ride with better traction and flotation.

Its industry exclusive tailored control and grade assist have made the CAT 259D3 one of the most versatile loaders. The need to manually set the parameters for grading or loading has been removed to improve the effectiveness of the loader.

Advanced Display System

The CAT 259D3 compact track loader has an advanced display system that allows you to monitor hystat response and creep control. You can also make on-screen adjustments to implement a response. This display system allows multi-language functionality with layouts that can be customised. It only gets better as there is a rear-view camera complemented with a high-tech security system!

Easy After-Sale Experience

The compact track loader works well and gives no reason for complaints.

However, the CAT 259D3 compact track loader will be granted quality maintenance or repairs if the machine requires it. Only the best service team can remedy your problems for any scheduled maintenance or unforeseen issues with the machine. The maintenance process is usually quick and highly efficient to get the loader up and running.

Efficient Operation

The standard and fully independent torsion axle suspension is combined with the optional Speed Sensitive Ride Control system for efficient travel on advanced 4x4 tracks. The CAT loader enables better load retention, along with increased productivity and operator comfort. These features ensure that the operator remains comfortable all day despite any rough weather or terrain.

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CAT 259D3 Compact Track Loader Full Specs


  • Gross Power - SAE J1995: 55.4 kW
  • Displacement: 3.3 L
  • Net Power: 54.6 kW
  • Bore: 94 mm
  • Engine Make and Model: CAT C3.3B DIT (turbo)
  • Gross Power: 55.4 kW
  • Net Power - SAE 1349: 54.6 kW
  • Stroke: 120 mm
  • Peak Torque - 1500 rpm - SAE J1995: 265 Nm
  • Net Power - ISO 9249: 55.1 kW

Operating Specifications

  • Rated Operating Capacities - 35% Tipping Load: 915 kg
  • Tipping Load: 2610 kg
  • Breakout Force - Tilt Cylinder: 2252 kg
  • Ground Contact Area - With 320 mm/12.6 in Track: 0.96 m²
  • Ground Pressure - With 320 mm/12.6 in Track: 41.8 kPa
  • Rated Operating Capacities - 50% Tipping Load: 1305 kg
  • Ground Contact Area - With 400 mm/15.7 in Track: 1.19 m²
  • Rated Operating Capacity with Optional Counterweight: 1390 kg
  • Ground Pressure - With 400 mm/15.7 in Track: 34 kPa


  • Operating Weight: 4076 kg

Hydraulic System

  • Hydraulic Flow - High Flow - Loader Hydraulic Pressure: 23000 kPa
  • Hydraulic Flow - High Flow - Hydraulic Power (Calculated): 43 kW
  • Hydraulic Flow - Standard - Loader Hydraulic Pressure: 23000 kPa
  • Hydraulic Flow - Standard - Loader Hydraulic Flow: 76 L/min
  • Hydraulic Flow - Standard - Hydraulic Power (Calculated): 29 kW
  • Hydraulic Flow - High Flow - Loader Hydraulic Flow: 112 L/min


  • ROPS: ISO 3471:2008
  • FOPS: ISO 3449:2005 Level I

Power Train

  • Travel Speed - Forward or Reverse - One Speed: 9.5 km/h
  • Travel Speed - Forward or Reverse - Two Speed: 13.7 km/h

Service Refill Capacities

  • Hydraulic System: 50 L
  • Fuel Tank: 94 L
  • Engine Crankcase: 11 L
  • Hydraulic Tank: 39 L
  • Cooling System: 14 L

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