Caterpillar 315 Excavator Review & Full Specs

Caterpillar is one of the most reputable companies in the construction industry with praise for their quality standard and top-notch performance. Caterpillar is known to make the best use of technology to ensure great comfort and efficiency. Read on to find out how the CAT 315 excavator next generation model is performing!

Caterpillar 315 Excavator Specs (overview)

  • Number of Cylinders: 4
  • Engine Make: 2236
  • Engine Model: 3046T
  • Gross Power: 155 Hp
  • Net Power: 110 Hp
  • Power Measured: 1800 rpm
  • Displacement: 5 L
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged
  • For full specs - see below


Drew's Review

The CAT 315 next-gen excavator is loaded with cutting-edge features and designs to help simplify your work. This excavator offers a powertrain along with the latest technology and easy maintenance for high performance outcomes and effective structure to the model. This CAT excavator model comes with a unique cab design with plenty of room for a comfortable working space and ease of operation. In comparison to the CAT 315L Japan excavator model, this CAT next-gen excavator model assures higher quality and comfort. Its sleek and convenient design enhances operator confidence to carry out digging, swinging and dumping solutions, even on sites with limited access. This new model is also designed to optimise productivity levels with powerful hydraulics and efficient power management. This Caterpillar excavator is smaller and equipped with all standard technologies to increase productivity levels by 45 percent when contrasted with the traditional grading. Therefore, this CAT excavator is determined as the leading excavator in productivity for the 15-tonne class category. The CAT App for your device can conveniently and efficiently manage your excavation location and other features. The CAT Product Link can update the excavator data to help with its schedule and management.

Improved Performance

The new and improved hydraulic mechanism offered in this next-gen excavator provides a perfect equilibrium of power and efficiency. In comparison to the CAT 315L Japan excavator model, this hydraulic mechanism raises the productivity level to 8 percent. The excavator operator has the capacity to easily move material with a flexible swing, adequate speed and accuracy. The new hydraulic valve delivers high efficiency and precision with a fine scope of higher technological advancements. With a 10 percent greater torque swing, the excavator can move around more comfortably even on job sites with steep slope terrains.

The technologically advanced navigation system helps the operator locate the rough patches to safely drive over them especially with the 14 percent higher drawbar pull. The improved bucket tip is equipped with the CAT Advansys which ensures a longer lifetime, finer retention along with a quick changeover for higher effectiveness and maximum up-time on site. Caterpillar has combined the robust C3.6 engine with the strong U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V, and Japan 2014 Tier 4 Final emission standards. With these features in the CAT 315 excavator, you can expect flexible and efficient work on every project worldwide. This excavator is also embedded with a smart mode that provides a balance between the hydraulic powers to achieve the optimum fuel consumption for digging conditions. The engine is designed to efficiently work in a wide range of temperatures from 52 degrees Celsius to as cold as -25 degrees Celsius. These features ensure high performance even in rugged situations for power and fuel efficiency.

Advanced Technological Upgrades

When a 15-tonne class excavator is powered up with all the standard technologies, efficiency and productivity are bound to increase. The CAT Grade Control is integrated in this excavator with 2D systems that can be upgraded to higher grades and 3D systems. The CAT Grade Control allows navigation of digging depths, slopes along with the minimum distances required to maintain the desired output. Four different depth and slope targets are available for this machine. The 2D feature enhances safety on risky and confined construction sites by avoiding hazards and workplace injuries.

This next-gen excavator also has standard payload capacity to assist operators in making targeted moves with high efficiency and optimum load balancing. The operators can make instantaneous weighing estimations and control production targets by combining the excavator payloads with VisionLink. The CAT Product Link captures all the necessary data for real-time analysis. This data includes payload summaries, fault codes and fuel consumption to allow efficient machine management. The CAT 315 excavator is also equipped with the Remote Flash feature that regularly updates the installed software. This excavator is available to undergo remote checks by technicians who analyse, diagnose, and quickly fix issues. These real-time troubleshoots assist with analysing real-time data to make efficient adjustments that can maximise performance.

Ease of Operation and Comfort

This next gen excavator comes with comfort, deluxe and premium cab style options. On average, the cab size is 13 percent higher than previous excavator models to provide a more comfortable working space and higher vertical visibility. The excavator mounts ensure that the operator receives the least amount of vibration and jerks. The tip-up left console additionally provides convenient entry and exit points. This excavator is equipped with USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity to offer easy connectivity and hands-free calling facilities. The excavator seat in the deluxe and premium cab style options can be heated or cooled according to operator preferences. These excavator cabs also have touchscreen monitors with 254 mm high resolution that allow easy navigation and predictive controls.

However, the comfort cab style option has 203 mm touchscreen controls. The high-tech joysticks are located at an adequate distance from the seat for operator comfort especially during long hours of operation. The joystick power modes will change according to the operator preferences with use of their unique ID. This excavator is also equipped with well-located cameras for rear-view and right-side view, along with a 360-degree camera to obtain a clear view of its surroundings. The sound suppression systems limit the amount of sound that can penetrate the excavator cabs to provide a quiet and comfortable working environment. In addition to this, there are HVAC systems installed in this excavator model designed to manage temperatures and reduce frost on cold days.

Simplified Maintenance

With new improvements made to the CAT 315 excavator, this machine has experienced a 25 percent decrease in maintenance costs. The fuel filters are not required to be replaced before 500 operational hours. The hydraulic oil filter is more advanced and effective to last up to 3000 hours. The quality of filtration has not only been improved but the change intervals have also been raised by 50 percent. This next-gen excavator is also installed with anti-drain valves that do not allow penetration of impurities into the oil during filter replacements. Moreover, the new air filter installation works twice as long as the previous models. The filter statuses are efficiently tracked by the high-resolution monitors installed in the excavator cabs. This excavator also has ground-level access to necessary engine oil checkpoints and CAT SOS (scheduled oil sampling) ports that provide easy access for fluid exchanges during maintenance.

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The CAT 315 next-gen excavator is the new and improved model that provides the safest and most reliable operation. If you want to try before you buy - browse through the excavator options listed on iseekplant to find the best one to complete your project needs.

Caterpillar 315 Excavator Full Specs


  • Engine - ISSO 9249: 80.9 kW
  • Engine Model: CAT C3.6
  • Engine Power ISO 14396: 82 kW
  • Bore: 98 mm
  • Stroke: 120 mm
  • Displacement: 3.6 L

Hydraulic Systems

  • Main System - Maximum Flow: 276 L/min
  • Maximum Pressure - Equipment: 35000 kPa
  • Maximum Pressure - Travel: 35000 kPa
  • Maximum Pressure - Swing: 26000 kPa

Swing Mechanism

  • Swing Speed: 12 r/min
  • Maximum Swing Torque: 35 kN-m


  • Operating Weight: 15400 kg

Service Refill Capacities

  • Fuel Tank Capacities: 187 L
  • Cooling System: 15 L
  • Engine Oil: 8 L
  • Final Drive - Each: 3 L
  • Hydraulic System - Including Tank: 138 L
  • Hydraulic Tank: 72 L
  • DEF Tank: 21 L


  • Boom: Reach 46.5 m
  • Stick: Reach R3 m
  • Bucket: GD 0.53 m 3
  • Shipping Height - Top of Cab: 2810 mm
  • Handrail Height: 2860 mm
  • Shipping Length: 7530 mm
  • Shipping Length - with Blade: 8090 mm
  • Tail Swing Radius: 1570 mm
  • Counterweight Clearance: 880 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 440 mm
  • Track Length: 3750 mm
  • Length to Centre of Rollers: 3040 mm
  • Track Gauge: 1990 mm
  • Transport Width: 2490 mm

Working Ranges and Forces

  • Maximum Digging Depth: 5990 mm
  • Boom: Reach 4.65 m
  • Stick: Reach R3 m
  • Bucket: GD 0.53 m 3
  • Maximum Reach at Ground Level: 5990 mm
  • Maximum Cutting Height: 9690 mm
  • Maximum Loading Height: 7220 mm
  • Minimum Loading Height: 2080 mm
  • Maximum Depth Cut for Level Bottom: 5810 mm
  • Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth: 5180 mm
  • Minimum Working Equipment Radius: 2240 mm
  • Bucket Digging Force - ISO: 98.67 kN
  • Stick Digging Force - ISO: 59.29 kN

HVAC Systems

  • Air Conditioning: The installed AC systems contain fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a. It contains 0.8 kg of refrigerant, which has a CO2 equivalent of 1.144 metric tonnes.

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