CAT 793D Dump Truck Review & Full Specs

The Caterpillar 793D dump truck is one of the largest and heaviest machines used on mining sites. These trucks are used all over the world for open-cut mining. They are designed to carry bulk amounts of earth, coal and rock at approximately 218 tonnes. Therefore, operating a CAT 793D takes years and years of experience and training. These trucks are all left-hand drive, so in countries like Australia, it can take time for the operators to get comfortable driving and manoeuvring on the opposite side of the vehicle. The CAT dump truck is the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications as it can carry more every load, cycle and shift.

CAT 793D Dump Truck Specs (overview)

  • Number of Cylinders: 16
  • Engine Make: CAT
  • Engine Model: 3516B HD EUI
  • Gross Power: 1801 kW/ 2415 Hp
  • Net Power: 1743 kW/ 2337 Hp
  • Power Measured: 1750 rpm
  • Displacement: 78 L
  • Gross Machine Operating Weight: 383749 kg
  • For full specs - see below

CAT 3516B High Displacement Engine

The CAT 3516B High Displacement (HD) engine is designed for power, reliability, efficiency and greater performance in the toughest applications.

  • Engine: The CAT 3516B HD EUI quad-turbocharged and aftercooled diesel engine delivers 5 percent greater power. With better power management capabilities, there is high hauling performance in the most demanding mining situations.
  • Design: The CAT 3516B HD engine has a four-stroke, 16-cylinder design that uses long, effective power strokes for complete fuel combustion and optimum efficiency.
  • EPA Compliant: The CAT 3516B HD engine is acquiescent with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tier I emission standards.
  • Altitude Compensation: The truck is designed for highly efficient operation under altitudes of 2750 metres.
  • High Altitude Arrangement (HAA): The CAT 3516B HD engine delivers full power with no deration at heights greater than 2750 metres.
  • High Torque Rise: The 23 percent net torque rise offers an unmatched lugging force during acceleration that can be achieved on steep grades and rough terrain. Torque rise effectively matches transmission shift points for higher efficiency and faster cycle times.
  • Enhanced Life: This dump truck spends more time on the haul roads and less time in the shop due to the high displacement, low rpm rating and conservative horsepower ratings.
  • Single-Piece Piston Design: In this dump truck, the single-piece steel pistons are combined with the forged steel skirt. This combination improves endurance against high engine heat and pressure along with combustion efficiency, better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. This dump truck is also corrosion resistant and minimises wear and tear with its stainless-steel top ring for greater durability and longer life.
  • Electronic Unit Injection (EUI): The electronically controlled unit injection fuel system within the engine detects operating conditions and regulates fuel delivery for better fuel efficiency. This high-pressure fuel system offers better response times and efficient fuel burn with lower emissions and less smoke.
  • Electronic Control Module (ECM): ECM utilises an advanced engine management software to handle and protect the engine’s self-diagnosing electronic sensors. The computerised system detects operating conditions and power requirements for necessary engine adjustments.
  • Separate Circuit Aftercooler: The engine allows the aftercooler circuit to operate cooler for denser air charge and superior combustion efficiency.
  • Cooling System: The new Mesabi radiator delivers higher durability and easier serviceability. The fan is hydraulically powered for better cooling along with lower fuel consumption and noise levels.
  • Oil Renewal System: The optional oil renewal system extends the engine oil change intervals from 500 hours to over 4000 hours, resulting in increased machine availability and minimised costs.
  • Engine Protection: The computerised system protects the engine during cold starts, air filter plugging, high altitude operation, and high exhaust temperatures.

Caterpillar Brake System

The operator will have the utmost confidence when operating a CAT dump truck with superior braking control and greater concentration on productivity.

  • Integrated Braking System: The CAT oil-cooled braking system offers reliable performance and control on various road conditions. The integrated braking system connects the service, secondary, parking brake and retarding functions for optimum braking efficiency.
  • CAT Data Link: All control modules communicate to the operator via the CAT Data Link and work together as a major system to increase production efficiency and extend component life.
  • Oil-Cooled Multiple Disc Brakes: The four wheels are equipped with oil-cooled multiple disc service brakes. They are continuously cooled by ‘water-to-oil’ heat exchangers for exceptional braking and retarding performance.
  • Brake Design: The CAT oil-cooled disc brakes are built with huge discs and plates for reliable and adjustment-free operation. The CAT 793 dump truck brakes are completely enclosed and sealed to prevent contamination and reduce maintenance.
  • Long Life: An oil film is fitted to prevent direct contact between the brake discs. This design enhances the braking forces by shearing the oil molecules and carrying heat away to increase the brake life.
  • Pistons: The pistons used in this dump truck hold the service, secondary, parking brake and retarding functions in the same system. The primary piston hydraulically activates both service and retarding functions. The secondary piston is spring-applied and situated in a detached position by hydraulic pressure. If hydraulic pressure shifts below a specified level, the spring-applied secondary piston automatically pushes the brakes.
  • Parking Brake: The parking brake is hydraulically applied and released to all four wheels for advanced parking capabilities on all grades up to 15 percent.
  • Hydraulic Automatic Retarder Control (HARC): This HARC control system electronically controls retarding on grade for optimum engine rpm and oil cooling maintenance. Additional braking may be applied using the manual retarder or brake pedal. HARC is automatically deactivated when the operator applies the brake or accelerator controls.

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Truck Body Design

CAT truck bodies are built for superior strength, capacity and durability. Wear surfaces and liners can handle the tough impact loads to avoid abrasion. The CAT 793D dump truck body is also equipped with:

  • Five-Sided Beams tie in the sidewall and floor junctions, which add increased body rigidity and strength.
  • Wide Ribs in the body floor provide increased durability and impact support.
  • Full-Length Stringers are used to create strength and rigidity throughout the dump truck bed.
  • Box Section Beams offer increased durability on the floor, sidewall, top rail, corner and cab canopy areas.
  • Dual-Slope Body is built with a v-shaped floor that provides excellent load retention, reduces shock loading, maintains a low centre of gravity, and maintains optimum load distribution on sharp inclines and challenging road conditions.
  • Reinforced, Rolled Steel Top Rail is used to strengthen and safeguard the truck body from damage caused by the loading tool or falling material. The 8-degree ‘v’ minimises shock loading and centres the load. The 7.5-degree forward body slope and 16-degree ducktail slope help to retain loads on steep grades.
  • Flat Floor Body is designed with a slight incline to deliver excellent payload capacity, high dump clearances, along with smooth and controlled dumping. The flat floor design also delivers consistent wear characteristics on the body tail with its 400 Brinell steel. The 12-degree forward body slope offers good load retention on well-maintained haul roads.
  • Mine Specific Design (MSD ii) Body is lightweight and situated on the flat floor design. This MSD body is customised to increase payload potential and reduce cost-per-tonne. The body design is transformed from a detailed mine site profile into an advanced body suitable for the individual needs of a mine.
  • High-Performance Body occurs when the operator equips their Caterpillar 793D with a CAT high-performance body. The operators will experience the benefits of a higher payload thanks to a weight reduction of about 2 to 5 tonnes. The high-performance body is lightweight, simplified and durable, offering complete front machine coverage and extended overhead protection.

Dump Truck Safety

CAT is highly active in developing mining machines that meet and exceed safety standards. Safety is a crucial part of all machine and system designs. Let us have a detailed look at the CAT 793D dump truck safety features:

  • SAE and ISO Standards: This dump truck is designed to many national and international safety standards.
  • Integral Rops Cab: The integral rops structure is designed as an extension of the truck frame. It is resiliently situated over the top of the mainframe to minimise vibration and sound. The rops structure offers five-sided protection for the operator.
  • Ladder/Secondary Egress: A wide and stationary stairway is situated on the left side of the machine to provide easy access.
  • Engine Shutoff Switch: A secondary engine shutoff switch is situated at ground-level.
  • Electrical System Disconnect: A battery disconnect switch is situated directly above the front bumper and offers ground level lockout of the electrical system.
  • Overload Policy: Safety is important to maintain the highest productivity levels in mining machine operation. The Caterpillar 10/10/20 overload policy ensures that steering and braking systems have enough capacity to perform better, even at 20 percent overload.
  • Slip-resistant surfaces
  • 75 mm wide orange three-point operator restraint
  • Wide-angle mirrors
  • Body raised indicator
  • Body retaining cable
  • Guard rails
  • Reverse neutraliser when dumping
  • Low interior sound level

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Caterpillar 315 Excavator Specs


  • Make and Model: CAT 3516B HD EUI
  • Gross Power - SAE J1995: 1801 kW/ 2415 Hp
  • Net Power - SAE J1349: 1743 kW/ 2337 Hp
  • Rated Speed: 1750 rpm
  • Emissions Rating: U.S. EPA Tier 1
  • Bore: 170 mm
  • Stroke: 215 mm
  • Displacement: 78 L


  • Nominal Rated Payload: 232 t
  • Rated Gross Machine Weight: 383848 kg
  • Chassis Weight: 121984 kg
  • Body Weight: 30700 kg

Braking System

  • Service Brakes: Four-Corner, Wet Disc, Oil Cooled, Hydraulically Actuated
  • Front - Wet Disc Brake Surface Area: 89817 cm²
  • Rear - Wet Disc Brake Surface Area: 34500 cm²
  • Standards - Service and Secondary: ISO 3450:1996
  • Parking Brake: Four-corner, Multi-disk, Spring Applied, Hydraulically Released
  • Load Brake: Rear service brakes


  • Steer Angle: 36°
  • Turning Diameter – Front: 28.42 m
  • Steering Standards: ISO 5010:1992


  • Standard Tires: 40.00 R57
  • Rims: 29" x 57"

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