CAT 988K Wheel Loader Review & Full Specs

When it comes to heavy machinery, Caterpillar does not disappoint as a leading brand in the construction industry. You can expect most job sites to be covered with a sea of yellow and black machines. Caterpillar offers reliable, long-lasting and durable machinery including the popular CAT 988K wheel loader. The Caterpillar 988K loader is designed for maximum performance and simplified serviceability. Many operators can attest that this wheel loader is the right choice with its efficiency, reliability and comfort. Compared to its predecessor, this CAT wheel loader is also known for being 20 per cent more fuel-efficient, particularly with its new ECO mode for 5 per cent more fuel economy. Other improvements include the lock-up torque converter, flow-sharing hydraulic, Z-bar loader linkage that replaced the mono-boom, and more. For a better understanding of the CAT 988K wheel loader, below are more of its key features.


CAT 988K Wheel Loader Specs (overview)

  • Engine Make: CAT
  • Engine Model: C18
  • Gross Power: 432 kW
  • Net Power: 403 kW
  • Power Measured: 1,500 rpm
  • Displacement: 18.1 L
  • Operating Weight: 51062 kg
  • For full specs - see below

Improved Efficiency

The CAT 988K large wheel loader is equipped with the C18 engine, which is designed to meet any demanding applications. This engine can help maximise your fuel consumption with fully integrated electronic engine controls. The delayed engine shutdown also offers maximised durability. Furthermore, this wheel loader features an impeller clutch torque (ICTC), which provides more operator efficiency by varying machine rimpull, and simultaneously adding more horsepower into the hydraulics. With this, there would be less tire wear and tear along with a smoother approach to the dump target.


Lower Fuel Consumption

Another important feature of this CAT wheel loader that must be highlighted is the economy mode designed for better productivity. The economy mode makes use of the on-demand throttle to provide power for maximum fuel saving with little change to production. Other features include producing enough hydraulic flow to function the loader and its steering systems for better fuel efficiency and higher rimpull. There is also the advanced productivity electronic control strategy (APECS), which offers higher momentum by carrying it through the shift points. Thus, the CAT 988K system always works hard to save fuel using advanced technologies.



Another feature that the CAT 988K loader is known for is its highly durable structure and design. This machine can achieve several life cycles and withstand the harshest loading conditions. The heavy-duty steering cylinder mounts help in effectively transmitting steering loads into the frame. The solid steel lift arms can also absorb the heavy load stresses. Moreover, the frontage linkage pin joints feature a greased pin design to ensure long-lasting reliability. Make a free supplier profile on iseekplant to win more work for your Wheel Loader today!


Prioritising Safety

As a top priority, the 988K loader ensures a safe working environment. This wheel loader is equipped with non-slip surfaces and easy accessibility with its left and right-hand stairs on a 45-degree angle for entry and exit. Superior visibility is possible with the Standard CAT vision and optional CAT detection radar to increase operator awareness around the equipment.



This CAT loader model is chosen by many operators for its ease of operation. For instance, there are reduced vibrations in the cab with the isolated cab mounts and seat-mounted suspension. The operator seat also has the standard 76 mm seat belt for safety, along with extra thick contoured cushions. The seat levers and controls are also easy to reach, and the armrest can be folded up.



As mentioned above, the wheel loader is known for being fuel-efficient by burning up to 20 per cent less fuel and minimising the carbon footprint. Another environmentally sustainable feature is the engine idle shutdown which saves fuel by preventing unnecessary idling. This CAT 988K machine also provides maintenance-free batteries for less waste production during operation.


Hire a Wheel Loader with iSeekplant!

With all the above features in mind, the CAT 988K wheel loader is identified as a high-performing machine. This machine is known as one of the best in the construction industry with its efficient engine, modern technological advances and durability to just name a few. Be sure to browse through the iseekplant wheel loader directory to get your hands on this CAT 988K wheel loader among our wide range of suppliers.


CAT 988K Wheel Loader Full Specs


  • Make and Model: CAT C18
  • Displacement: 18.1 L
  • Torque Rise: 58%
  • Rated Speed: 1700/min
  • Net Power - SAE J1349: 403 kW
  • Peak Power Speed: 1500/min
  • Peak Power Speed @ 1,500 rpm SAE J1995: 439 kW
  • Peak Power Speed @ 1,500 rpm ISO 14396: 432 kW
  • Peak Power Speed @ 1,500 rpm SAE J1349: 403 kW


  • Forward 1: 6.5 km/h
  • Forward 2: 11.6 km/h
  • Forward 3: 20.4 km/h
  • Forward 4: 34.7 km/h
  • Reverse 1: 7.5 km/h
  • Reverse 2: 13.3 km/h
  • Reverse 3: 23.2 km/h


  • Operating Weight: 51062 kg
  • Bucket Capacity: 4.7-13 m 3 (6.2-17 yd 3 )
  • Rated Payload-Quarry Face: 11.3 t
  • Cat Truck Match-High Lift: 773-775
  • Rated Payload-Loose Material: 14.5 t
  • Cat Truck Match-Standard: 770-772

Service Refill Capacities

  • Fuel Tank: 712 L
  • Cooling System: 120 L
  • Crankcase: 60 L
  • Transmission: 120 L
  • Hydraulic System (Tank Only): 240 L
  • Hydraulic System (Factory Fill): 475 L
  • Differential - Final Drives (Rear): 186 L
  • Differential - Final Drives (Front): 186 L
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank (For Tier 4 Final/Stage IV Only): 33 L
  • Coolant (Validated by Test Cell Fill Quantities): 125 L
  • Transmission (Validated by Test Cell Fill Quantities): 110 L

Hydraulic System

  • Maximum Flow: 52 L/min
  • Maximum Flow at 1,400-1,860 rpm: 580 L/min
  • Relief Valve Setting: 3800 kPa
  • Relief Valve Setting - Lift/Tilt: 32800 kPa
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