Concrete Driveway Cost Guide

A concrete driveway is an important part of any home. It connects your residence to the road, and directly introduces visitors to your house. You may not realise this but having a concrete driveway is more than just a function - it adds to your home's kerb appeal. This, in turn, increases the property's value. Not having a driveway can affect your car insurance premiums. Why? Because where you park your car influences how safe the vehicle is when you're not driving it. Adding a concrete driveway (or resurfacing an existing one) is not cheap, however. We've put together a guide to show you the expenses you may encounter and other details you should consider.

So, how much does a concrete driveway cost in Australia?

An average-sized concrete driveway to a residential property should cost between $65 to $150 per square metre, which may vary due to several variables (more on this later). You can expect to spend around $1,000 to $2,000 for a one-car concrete driveway, or about $3,000 for a two-car driveway. These estimates should include materials and labour.


Factors that affect concrete driveway cost

No two concrete driveway projects are exactly the same due to different circumstances. Here are the considerations that will affect how much you spend.

Preparation work needed

Whether you're putting in a new concrete driveway or touching up an old one, it will take some work to prepare – and each is different. For instance, installing a new driveway may involve taking out a tree or bushes (if there are any in the area), then excavating the spot. Likewise, replacing an old driveway could require:

  • Removing the existing concrete; or
  • Patching, repairing, cleaning the pavement, and then adding a resurfacer on top.

Whatever the steps you take to prepare the surface where the driveway is installed, they will most likely vary, and so will your driveway replacement cost.

Size of the driveway

Concrete driveway projects are typically quoted on a per square-metre basis. Thus, the larger the driveway, the more you will spend. It's not just labour, however. Naturally, larger driveways will use up more materials as well. Just remember that your driveway's size is regulated by law. That means you will need to consult with your local council and follow their requirements.

Material of the driveway

The type of material you use will affect your concrete driveway cost. Concrete alone provides you with several options to choose from:

Type of concrete Average price per square metre
Plain concrete $65
Coloured concrete $75 to $90
Stamped concrete $90 to $150
Exposed aggregate concrete $100 to $150

If you opt for another type of material, your options may include asphalt ($25 to $40), paving stones ($40 to $100), or bitumen ($25 to $40).

Type of finish

If you add a finish to your chosen material, you'll likely spend more on your driveway project. For example, you can add a stencil pattern such as brick, flagstone, tile, or cobblestone. As the term suggests, a stencilled finish uses paper stencils to create patterns on the material. Stamping is similar; it involves using large, polyurethane forms which stamp patterns (e.g. slate, wood, brick) into the material. Costs will also vary between stencils, stamps, dyes to colour the material, and densifiers (to fill pores and increase surface density).

concrete driveways costs- new laid concrete drive with brushed finish

Is there a slope?

If your driveway comes with an angle, your project will have a higher price tag. You're looking at an additional cost of at least $10 per square metre for gentle slopes. Steep, complicated slopes or uneven ground will raise the price as well.

Additional services

Adding extra features will increase the average cost of a concrete driveway. These include a carport (a covered structure to protect your vehicle), a gate to control access to your property, and landscaping features like plants or trees along the driveway

Time of year

Believe it or not, the time of year will affect how much you'll spend on your driveway. Concreters are busiest during spring because they provide the best weather conditions for pouring concrete. On the other hand, a concrete driveway project during summer or winter will require the use of individual mixes.


Concrete driveway cost may vary from one state to another because of different hourly wages. Below are the average costs per square metre:

State Average cost per square metre
Australian Capital Territory $25 to $30
New South Wales $41 to $45
Queensland $37 to $40
South Australia $36 to $40
Victoria $34 to $38
Western Australia $42 to $45

What is concrete driveway resurfacing?

If your existing driveway looking a little worn because of:

  • A few large cracks
  • A crumbling surface
  • Salt damage
  • Some potholes
  • Pitting
  • Discolouration

The good news is that you don't have to demolish the existing driveway and put on a new one. You can resurface the concrete to renew its overall look and repair the damage - doing so reduces your driveway replacement cost. Concrete driveway resurfacing involves applying a fresh concrete layer over the old surface. You can even pick a new pattern, colour, and texture to make it as good as new.


Is a concrete driveway a good investment?

In a word, yes. Using concrete as the main material for your driveway is a good investment because:

  • It's durable. With proper care, concrete can last up to 50 years (asphalt usually lasts for only 25 to 30 years). Plus, it can carry the weight of heavy vehicles.
  • It's easy to maintain. You can clean out dirt and tire marks on concrete using warm, soapy water.
  • It's cleaner than asphalt. Asphalt surfaces get hot during summer and release oil, which can stick to tyres and shoes.
  • It's aesthetically versatile. You can stain, stamp, stencil, or etch a concrete driveway to get the look you want. Asphalt doesn't work well with finishes.

concrete driveway costs- Modern house and big garage with concrete driveway. 3d illustration of residential building exterior.


How can I find the best concrete driveway cost possible?

It's easy: iseekplant is Australia's largest online construction hire marketplace. Through our large online directory, you can find and compare many concreting services in just a few clicks.

Bonus tips:

  • When you do your search, get quotes from at least three concreters, then compare their rates to get a competitive concrete driveway cost estimate.
  • To get more accurate quotes, get accurate measurements of your driveway and inform the concreter how many cars you'll park on it.
  • Consult your local council to find out their requirements for concrete driveways. You'll need these details when you apply for a permit.

For example, if you live in Brisbane, you need to follow its city council's technical standards prior to permit approval. These standards encompass the concrete's strength grade and maximum fall per metre, among other details. However, if you don't have the time to find a qualified concreter yourself, you still have a couple of options that you can pursue. Get in touch with our expert team at 1300 691 912, or with your specifications. We'll help you find a concreter who will meet your project needs.