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Lloyds offers clients an unprecedented level of expert advice for the sale or valuation of all types of plant, equipment and machinery. Their services include;

  • Auction Services: Including online, simulcast and traditional; both in-room & onsite Australia-wide.
  • Tenders: Offering multiple realisation options on specialised or location specific assets.
  • Valuations: Banks, financiers, insolvency practitioners, accountants & lawyers appreciate their team of Certified Valuers who have a broad equipment knowledge base with hundreds of years combined experience.
  • Asset Management: Offering turn-key solutions, asset registers & data entry on special projects.

If you've ever wondered, "Why should I choose Lloyds to sell my items?", the reason lies in their extensive marketing reach, strong national audience, and exceptional ability to achieve the highest prices for every item sold at auction. Now they are giving you a great opportunity to put money back in your pocket.


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*Terms and conditions apply*

  • Offer ends September 30
  • 50% off sellers commission only eligible for iseekplant customers selling their machines with Lloyds
  • 50% off iseekplant membership only eligible for customers who have bought or sold with Lloyds in the last 6 months OR get a valuation done now. 
  • Friends of Lloyds are eligible for one month free for a membership should they not meet the above criteria