FREE Digital Pre-Start App For Your Machines

How digital pre-starts increase your machinery uptime and safety

Machinery is usually reliable and predictable. But just like with any asset, machines age, faults can arise with use and time, which can affect safety and reliability. However, these issues can be mitigated with the help of a digital pre-start system, such as Plant Assessor’s Pre-Start Plus app. Find out everything you need to know about Pre-Start Plus and how it can help you take control of machinery safety and uptime.

What is Pre-Start Plus?

Pre-Start Plus is a free app developed by Plant Assessor which has been designed to make pre-start checks easy. Simply open the app on your device, select your machine and answer the yes or no questions to find out whether your machine is right to operate each day. There are so many benefits to conducting a daily digital pre-start on your machines like spending more time on the job, reducing the time and money spent completing daily pre-start paperwork, and analysing the results. It provides you with a quick and simple way to take control of your machinery safety and uptime.


Enhance machinery and people safety

Providing safe machinery and a safe environment for your people to work in is an obligation that every PCBU must meet. There is a lot that goes into developing, implementing and maintaining a safety management system, and conducting regular safety checks on your machinery is a key component of that. Digital pre-starts like those used in Pre-Start Plus can make managing machinery safety easy.

Unlike paper-based pre-start checks, you can identify any issues with your machinery after just a few button clicks and be provided with a clear report which outlines the faults that need to be actioned. It’s a much simpler and faster way to identify faults, keep your machinery safe, and reduce the risk of your people suffering serious injuries on-site.

Save time and money by increasing productivity

Every workplace wants to improve productivity and efficiency. Moving away from paper-based pre-starts to digital pre-starts is one very simple way to do this. Completing a digital pre-start via Pre-Start Plus not only takes a fraction of the time, it will also let you know instantaneously whether or not your machine is right to operate. A status report is generated and can be immediately shared with key stakeholders such as the machine owner, an administrator or site supervisor, informing them of any faults that have been identified. These details are also automatically synced to Plant Assessor, meaning any issues identified can be actioned promptly and downtime can be minimised.

Furthermore, your company can save time and money with digital pre-starts which reduce downtime, minimise the risk of equipment failure, and improve productivity. Businesses that still use paper-based pre-starts have a significant time delay between a pre-start being completed, the issue report being submitted, and work orders being raised, and we all know that time equals money. Moving to digital pre-starts, like those on the Pre-Start Plus app, eliminates these productivity and efficiency problems. This can have a significant impact on your business’ bottom line, and help you to remain competitive in the industries you operate in.


Improve machinery uptime

Digital pre-starts, such as those on Pre-Start Plus, provide a comprehensive pre-start checklist that ensures all equipment is properly checked before use. This helps to identify faults or unforeseen damage before they become major problems, minimising downtime and reducing the risk of costly repairs. This can also ultimately increase the life of your machine as you are checking it regularly, identifying and fixing issues as soon as they arise, and maintaining it frequently.

Simplify record-keeping

Ditch the pre-start booklets! All pre-starts completed with Pre-Start Plus are time stamped and digitally recorded against each individual machine in your fleet. They are stored in the cloud, meaning there is no risk of losing the record, and it can be easily found and accessed should your documentation need to be audited.

Better monitoring of your fleet

With digital pre-starts completed on Pre-Start Plus, you can easily see the operational status of your entire fleet in one dashboard view. Instantly see when a machine has had a pre-start completed or if it is outstanding, as well as a summary of issues identified, all on one easy to view dashboard. Best of all, the instant sharing capabilities keep your people informed, and allow them to easily keep tabs on the entire fleet.


Use it offline

We know your jobs aren’t always located in the big cities where there is an instant and fast internet connection. That’s why Plant Assessor has made sure digital pre-starts can be completed wherever, whenever on Pre-Start Plus. If working out of service, simply log into the app before heading out of range, and you’ll be able to complete your machine’s digital pre-start on any project site.

Covers your legal bases

We know legislative compliance is a major component of owning machinery. That’s another reason why Plant Assessor has developed digital pre-starts on Pre-Start Plus. Using the app to conduct regular pre-start inspections can help you to meet machinery compliance standards and provides a record of pre-start checks. Being able to prove you have a record of regular, robust and relevant pre-start checks on your machinery shows your dedication to meeting compliance standards, machinery safety, and a commitment to your people’s safety. It will also help you to be audit ready for accreditation purposes, or should an incident occur in your workplace.


How can I take control of machinery safety uptime with Pre-Start Plus?

Pre-Start Plus is a simple, free platform you can use to take control of your machinery safety and uptime. Developed by Plant Assessor, the number one software for machinery compliance, the Pre-Start Plus app will help you complete your machine’s daily pre-start in as little as 5 minutes. Open the app, select your machine and answer the questions, and before you know it, you’ll understand if your machine is right to operate, or whether there are any issues to address. It’s easy to get started with the Pre-Start Plus app. Simply download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play to try it today. Best of all, it’s free, so there’s no reason not to try it out for yourself. If you would like further information about Pre-Start Plus, contact our team of machinery compliance specialists on 1300 728 852 or by visiting our website .