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If you're looking for a dozer that boasts versatility and power in your construction and mining works, the Komatsu 475 dozer is one of the most ideal choices you can make for your machinery. 

Why? Because this particular dozer is one of the most heavy-duty pieces of construction machinery you’ll find in Australia, and is capable of moving earth and grading land on challenging terrains like few others can.

Okay, maybe we’d better slow down and explain more…

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most fundamental details you need to know about what makes the Komatsu 475 dozer such a powerhouse: its specs, what is can be best used for, and what makes it a reliable choice for construction projects demanding serious efficiency and performance.


 Komatsu 475 dozer specs



   Engine model

   Komatsu SAA12V140E-7


4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection


Turbocharged, air-to-air charge air cooler, cooled EGR

Number of cylinders


Bore x stroke

5.51 x 6.50 in

Piston displacement

1,860 in3

Gross horsepower:

Forward: 934 HP / Reverse: 1,040 HP

Net horsepower:

Forward: 890 HP / Reverse: 968 HP

Rated RPM


Fan drive type


Lubrication method

Gear pump, force lubrication




Water-cooled, 3-element, 1-stage, 1-phase torque converter with lockup clutch and a planetary gear

Steering system

Palm Command Control System (PCCS), joystick controlled, wet multiple-disc steering clutches

Undercarriage suspension

Oscillating equaliser bar and pivot shaft

Track roller frame

Cylindrical, high-tensile-strength steel construction

Rollers and idlers

Lubricated track rollers

Fuel tank

507.2 US gal


70 US gal


31.7 US gal

Operating weight

254,195 lbs.

Ground pressure

19.35 psi

Relief valve setting

3,983 psi

Blade lift

Raise, hold, lower, and float

Blade tilt

Right, hold, and left

Hydraulic cylinders

Double-acting, piston

Semi-U dozer or U dozer

50.2 US gal

Giant ripper; Multi-shank ripper (variable)

34.3 US gal


Uses of the Komatsu 475 dozer

Some specific tasks and industries where the Komatsu 475 dozer is commonly used include:

Earthmoving and Grading:

The Komatsu 475 dozer is instrumental in earthmoving and grading tasks due to its powerful engine and wide blade, which can move large volumes of soil, gravel, or sand efficiently. Its robust construction allows for precise grading, which is crucial for setting foundations and preparing land for construction or landscaping. The dozer's ability to push or spread material evenly helps in creating level surfaces that are essential for building roads, airports, or residential areas.


In construction projects, the Komatsu 475 dozer is used for site preparation, including the removal of overburden and clearing the ground. Its heavy-duty capabilities enable it to handle tough terrains and materials, making it a vital piece of equipment in the initial stages of construction. The dozer can also assist in backfilling and compacting soil, ensuring stability for the foundation of structures.


The Komatsu 475 dozer plays a critical role in mining operations, where it is used for stripping and removing overburden to expose mineral deposits. Its powerful pushing force and resilient undercarriage are designed to endure the harsh environments of mining sites. The dozer can also be used to construct roads within the mine for easy access and transportation of mined materials.


Land Clearing:

For land clearing, the Komatsu 475 dozer is ideal due to its high horsepower and heavy-duty blades. It can quickly clear large areas of vegetation, debris, and other obstacles, preparing land for agricultural use or new construction. The dozer's capabilities are enhanced by attachments like rippers for breaking up hard soil or rocky terrain.


In forestry applications, the Komatsu 475 dozer is used to construct firebreaks and access roads through dense forests. Its rugged design and powerful blade allow it to push through heavy brush and fallen trees, which helps in managing forested areas and preventing the spread of wildfires by creating controlled lines of cleared land.


Although primarily known for land-based tasks, the Komatsu 475 dozer can also support dredging operations by assisting in the management and movement of dredged materials. Once materials are dredged and deposited by other equipment, the dozer can spread and level these materials for projects such as beach nourishment or land development near water bodies.

Land Reclamation:

The Komatsu 475 dozer is crucial in land reclamation projects where it is used to move and distribute earth, sand, or other materials transported to the site. This helps in creating new land from seas, riverbeds, or lakes. The dozer's capacity for heavy-duty operations ensures that large areas can be reclaimed efficiently, providing more space for development or environmental restoration.



Key features of a Komatsu 475 dozer

Lockup torque converter

One of the most notable features of the 475 is its lockup torque converter, which ensures that power is transferred to the driveline in the most efficient way possible. This design reduces cycle times and enhances overall production, making the dozer an ideal choice for large-scale construction projects.

Low undercarriage design

Another key feature of the 475 is its low undercarriage design, which is meticulously crafted to minimise wear and tear on the machine, while also providing a combination of comfort and stability. With fewer moving parts, the dozer offers optimal traction and high production efficiency during dozing and ripping operations.

Structural improvements

The 475 also boasts several structural improvements that make it more reliable and longer-lasting than previous models, since its mainframe is designed to offer twice the design life compared to its predecessors which minimises maintenance costs and reduces machine downtime.

Blade auto-pitch

Engineered to enhance dozing efficiency and minimise operator exertion, the 475 also features an innovative blade auto-pitch mode. This mode improves dozing efficiency and reduces operator fatigue, while the redesigned ergonomic ripper control lever includes an auto-return function for less fatiguing operation.

Ripper auto-return

The redesigned ergonomic ripper control lever now includes an auto-return function crafted for less fatiguing operation. It automatically raises the ripper after briefly activating the control lever while the machine is in reverse.

Track shoe slip control

Automated track shoe slip control manages engine speed and minimises slipping during ripping operations, eliminating the need for manual intervention by your operator.

Operator comfort

Designed to optimise both operator comfort and productivity, this dozer features significant design enhancements such as an improved cab suspension system and palm control joysticks to make operation far easier and more comfortable.

Maintenance features

Finally, the 475 is designed to reduce planned downtime and streamline maintenance with several key features such as centralised greasing points, a ground-level fill/evac service centre, and battery and starter isolators equipped with lockout tagout functionality.


Choosing the 475 for your job

We hope we’ve proved that these machines are seriously impressive pieces of earthmoving equipment that are designed to handle large amounts of materials and enhance productivity for construction and mining operations. 

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