Google Ads for Construction Contractors: Free eBook

Why Every Contractor & Supplier Needs to read "Google Ads for Construction Contractors" before torching thousands of Dollars on Ads.

We're psyched to introduce our newest brainchild, the "Google Ads for Construction Contractors" eBook. Crafted with the sweat, grit, and wisdom of our expertise in digital marketing in construction, this guide is your golden ticket to thriving in the pay-per-click ad space.

We've used our 13 years of intellectual property in Google Ads, as well as the successful results from hundreds of construction suppliers and contractors who use our Google Ads services, to give you the best tips, tricks, hacks and things to avoid. 

Driving Equipment and Crew Utilisation using PPC

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the best marketing inventions ever created (in our opinion). Its the most flexible, useful advertising medium for driving real business results in small businesses. It can be very successfully used in construction to drive utilisation of equipment and crews that aren't working right now. As a construction supplier or contractor, you can set up affordable ad campaigns quickly to drive work opportunities for specific machines or services, then stop them immediately when you've won a job.

By advertising only the areas of your business that need support, or by focusing only on your high margin services, construction suppliers and contractors can increase revenue growth and profitability in a really predictable way. In this eBook we teach you the basics of Google Ads so construction suppliers can start using the powerful tool to their own benefit.

Your Blueprint to Google Ads Mastery in Construction

Imagine this: No more shooting in the dark. No more burning through cash with little to show for it. Our eBook cuts through the jargon and lays out the insider secrets on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Display Advertising in terms you’ll actually understand. And the best part? It's designed specifically for construction contractors by people who live and breathe the industry.

What’s Inside our Google Ads Toolbox?

  • The Lowdown on PPC and Display Advertising: Learn what these are and when to use them.
  • Budgeting Like a Boss: Discover how to build your Google Ads budget without needing a degree in finance. We’re talking real, down-to-earth advice on what you should be spending and how to make every dollar count.
  • Real cost benchmarks: We give you some real cost and conversion benchmarks from our campaigns so you can tell if you're spending too much on your clicks, leads or impressions.
  • Fleet Utilisation on Fleek: Got underutilised gear gathering dust? We’ll show you how to use Google Ads to get those machines and your crew out of the yard, making you money instead of costing it.

How to Build Your Budget from your Company Goals.

We show you the precise science behind calculating your PPC budget, starting from your company goals. We give you the formula from working back from your revenue and gross profit goals, so you can determine an efficient investment in PPC that can meet those goals. We include very detailed cost per click and cost per lead benchmarks you can use as rule-of-thumbs.

Get Your Gear into High Gear

So, are you ready to take the plunge and give your construction business some help with growth? Don’t let digital advertising world intimidate you any longer. With our eBook, you're getting a partner in the trenches, ready to help you navigate the complexities of Google Ads.

Dive into our guide, and let’s start building your success story together. Download "Google Ads for Construction Contractors" now and learn how to drive profitability and utilisation in your contracting business.

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