How Much Is a Skip Bin To Hire and What Size Do I Need?

A regular fixture on many job sites, skip bin hire allows waste materials to be carted away during convenient periods of a project and can help keep a work site tidy. When deciding on the size of skip bin that is required, there are a number of factors that need to be considered:

  • The type of waste being disposed of – the typical types being dirt, concrete, light and heavy waste and green waste. Additionally, some waste types will not be accepted by companies, such as electronic waste
  • The size and weight of the items
  • Where it will be placed - for example, street frontage, a driveway or elsewhere on site. It should be noted that placement on a street or footpath may require a council permit.

The recommendation is to start by assessing the larger items you are removing and then work down the list from there. A common mistake is to underestimate the amount of waste you will be discarding, which results in the need for the skip bin to return to finish the job. This typically results in a higher cost than having a larger bin for a single use. Consider the size of job you are working on:

Small Jobs

Residential home decluttering and general tidy up may only require a 2m3 bin, which equates to around eight standard wheelie bin loads.

Medium Jobs

A home renovation can generate considerable waste and may contain larger items. This may require a bin up to 4m3 to ensure all waste is accommodated.

Large Jobs

Typically required where demolition has occurred, a large job may require a skip bin of around 6m3 or even larger.

The cost of skip bin hire is dependent on three main factors:

  • The type and size of the bin
  • The period that the bin will be required for
  • The distance between the work site and the tip – companies will charge for fuel, so a local supplier is advised

Quotes can be based on either a daily or weekly rate, so consider the realistic duration that the bin will be required for to avoid any nasty incidental costs. Based on a cubic metre measurement (m3), the average cost of skip bin hire in Australia is $75 per m3 with a price band ranging between $55 and $89 per m3. As a guide, below are the common bin sizes and their average costs per day:

  • 2 m3: $290 to $345
  • 4 m3: $430 to $515
  • 6 m3: $635 to $760
  • 9 m3: $940 to $1130
  • 12 m3: $1275 to $1530
  • 15 m3: $1580 to $1900
  • 17 m3: $1635 to $1960

How much is it to hire a skip bin?

There are a number of factors that impact the cost of skip bin hire, but as a guide they range from $290 - $345 per day for a 2 m3 bin, up to $1635 - $1960 for a large 17 m3 bin. The average cost per cubic metre in Australia is $75.

What are common skip bin dimensions?

Skip bins are typically quoted in their cubic metre capacity, ranging from 2 m3 (for small scale residential jobs) up to bins as large as 25 m3 (for large commercial and industrial jobs).

Where do I hire a skip bin?

There are many companies that specialise in skip bin hire, which can be found via a simple search on iSeekplant. Ensure you include the job location to find a suitable local supplier to keep the costs manageable.

How do I order a skip bin?

Once you have defined the type of waste and the required bin size, call the supplier to talk through the scope of the job. It is important to ensure they will accept all your waste types and any other considerations (like required council permits for on-street parking of a skip bin) are discussed.

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