How To Dig Up A Lawn


How to dig up a lawn

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When planning to remove a lawn, there are multiple approaches that you can use that will dig up the lawn. These methods are explained in depth below: 

Manual Lawn Removal

Manually removing the lawn requires you to plan two to three months in advance, so that the lawn will be soft enough to remove the top with shovels or pitchforks. After removing the surface, it is important to dig a few inches deep into the land to remove the roots as a preventative to the grass returning. However, this can become a very time-consuming task.

Removing Lawn Using Heavy Equipment

Using heavy equipment is one of the easiest and less time-consuming methods of removing lawn. The heavy equipment most commonly used include the power tilers and hydraulic mini-dozers. You can easily source and hire these machines through iSeekplant using our Get a Quote tool. Power tilers use their rotating blades to cut and lift the grass. Whereas, hydraulic mini-dozers eject the grass from the ground to expose the soil beneath.


Removing Lawn Using The Burn Method

Removing lawn with the burn method uses the sun's natural heat to burn out the lawn before manually digging. You want to start off by cutting the grass low and saturating the lawn with water. The area should then be covered with a clear plastic sheeting and wooden sticks surrounding the sheet. The purpose of the sheet is to attract direct sunlight and trap the moisture that will slowly break up the soil. This process can only be efficient in the summer season and takes around 6 weeks to complete. 

Removing Lawn Using The Chemical Method

Removing lawn using the chemical method is completed by covering the grass with a grass-killing herbicide. True to its name, the herbicide will kill the grass and roots. This process can take around seven days to prepare and ease the grass for removal. However, this process is generally not recommended as it presents negative environmental effects on the land. 

Removing Lawn Using Solarisation

Removing lawn with the solarisation method uses the heat from the sun to dry and kill the grass. This initially requires you to mow the grass low, give the area a good water, and cover the area with plastic. This method takes around eight weeks to work and requires completion in the summer season.

How To Dig Up Old Lawn?


Depending on how large the lawn is, you may be able to use shovels and mattocks. Otherwise, you will need to hire a sod-cutter and rototiller. These machines are designed to shave the grass evenly and rid of the old turf debris. Shovels and garden rakes can then be used to remove the excess.

What To Use To Dig Up Lawn?


The recommended machine to use when digging up a lawn is a turf cutter. A turf cutter will cut the turf into layers and reveal the ground beneath.

How To Dig Up A Lawn And Replant?


Before replanting a new lawn, it is important make sure you dig up the previous lawn to break up the soil. From there, you can place down the new turf and watch it grow with regular maintenance.

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