How to know which boat to buy

If you’re in the market for a new or used boat, you really need to consider what you’ll be doing with the boat most of the time. Aaron Goodchild, the owner of Brisbane Yamaha, explains how to know which boat is right for you.

“When buying a boat, the most important thing to ask yourself is what you plan on using the boat for most of the time.”

“I get asked this question so often, I made a YouTube video about this very subject. I know it’s a popular topic because it's clocked 32,000 views,” he adds.

"So, when you’re looking for a boat, you’re not looking for the best boat to buy, you’re looking for the boat that best suits your needs," he says.

Mr. Goodchild went on to explain the best questions to consider when choosing a boat.

“I always ask customers what will you use the boat for, for at least 80% of the time? Then you can work out if you’re in the market for a tinnie, a bowrider, other family day boats for cruising and skiing, or if you're looking for an offshore boat for more serious fishing,” he states.

“For me, the beauty of Brisbane Yamaha is that I have personally chosen Australia’s best brands of boats to suit every application. So, this means we have boats that are ideal for solo fishermen, all-rounders to use with the family, right up to trophy boats and hardcore fishing rigs that you’ll use with your mates,” Mr. Goodchild says.

When asked if buyers should be looking at an alloy or a fibreglass model of the boat, Mr. Goodchild explained that even though people commonly believe that there's a big difference between aluminium and fibreglass finishes on boats, both types measure up similarly.

“The reality is that neither alloy or fibreglass is more difficult to maintain and neither type is more durable or rides better than the other,” Mr. Goodchild explains.

Mr. Goodchild highlighted that the best feature of the models on display at Brisbane Yamaha is that you can walk in and discuss which boat best suit your needs.

“Our flagship Quintrex range includes over 90 models, and has the world-renowned aluminium hull design that delivers the softest and driest ride of any aluminium boat in Australia,” Mr. Goodchild says.

Brisbane Yamaha is the Brisbane northside's only dealer of the award-winning Haines Hunter range of fibreglass boats matched to the hard-wearing Yamaha outboards.

“The range on display includes the iconic Haines Hunter range of fibreglass boats. Haines Hunter is Australia’s longest-running family boat business and also has a reputation for high quality, high-performance offshore fishing boats,” Mr. Goodchild explains.

“Haines has one of the largest ranges of boat models to choose from, with the 5m family day boats right up to the best-selling 7.6m models,” he says.

He went on to explain that Brisbane Yamaha also has the Polycraft range on display.

“Polycraft is the world’s largest manufacturer of poly-moulded boats, popular as tenders, with pro fishermen and serious anglers for their robust and go-anywhere quality. They are very capable and comfortable handling boats,” he explains.

“We also have the Evolution range, with models from 5-8m. Evolution has a well-deserved reputation amongst serious anglers for building the best-riding offshore boats in Australia. Each model is hand-laid and outfitted with the highest quality finishes and accessories. They are the ultimate trophy boat,” he adds.

“Remember, Brisbane Yamaha knows boats! And we always offer peace of mind when buying a boat because of our quality products, excellent service, and unbeatable deals backed up by the best warranty,” he concludes.

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